Who Should Become a Yoga Teacher?


It’s not just about mastering the most difficult yoga poses. Being a good teacher is about being a great human being and a greater messenger of health and wellness. 

Many yogis, serious yoga lovers, health enthusiasts, etc., while deepening their own yoga practices or expanding their knowledge as a yoga teacher often come across a series of questions -- What qualities make a good teacher? What traits are essential to be a great yoga teacher? Who makes a great Yoga Teacher?  

Several individuals with an innate passion for the science of Yoga and with the ardent desire to become a Yoga Teacher closely examine and look up to their ideal yoga teachers, their mannerism, their work with the students, their teaching methods, etc.  The conclusion is that every teacher teaches something new and it is nearly impossible to define the image of a great yoga teacher. But, there are definitely certain ideal traits that tell us who is an ideal candidate to become a yoga teacher. Take a glance at the pointers below: 

1. Love, Passion, Patience for Yoga, Self, and Others: Patience, love, and a strong character are the precious jewels of a yoga teacher. Dedication to the science is needed for a Yogi to develop patience so as to endure the process of growing. This also thins the ego so that they can act from a heartfelt place. Good teachers don’t talk or brag about themselves, instead, they glorify the practice of yoga and help others reap the benefits of it. Teaching is a job where you connect with people on a daily basis and a teacher who teaches from an intuitive place is able to guide the students back to their true inner-being-- the ultimate aim of yoga.

2. Authenticity, Service, and Empowering Others: Being true to teaching yoga is really important. The drive to share authentic wisdom and to witness the students unravel the yoga teacher training programs with grace and poise are most fulfilling for a good yoga teacher. For them, there is no greater joy than giving to others in this world. The interchange of wisdom, right intention, hard work, service, and empowering students in a selfless manner-- is an exchange of energy between a student and a yoga teacher, from one humble spirit to another, that keeps the ancient science of yoga alive. 

3. Assistance & Availability: Having a yoga teacher that shows that they care and are willing to help in every possible manner speaks volumes about their nature and teaching style. When teachers teach with immense gratification and make themselves available for your questions, concerns in a friendly manner, it reveals their love and approachability for their students, again two essential traits of a yoga guru. 

4. Presence and Connection: Great yoga teachers have a knack for lifting the spirit of the class and making the students feel welcome with their presence. They bring along with them a distinctive aura and an energy that spreads positivity all around. Good yoga teachers also maintain firm eye contact and a strong focus on each student while teaching. This acts as a connecting link between them. Also, the kind gestures can heighten the confidence and energy of students. 

5. Language: Language plays a huge role in shaping one’s yoga practices. Experienced teachers make use of inspiring and suggestive cues to assist the learners to dive deep into the yoga poses, for smooth transitions, modifications, etc., helping them retain the interest level of the students in the class. Teaching the class using understandable language can enhance the experience of a class manifold. 

Imbibe these attributes, become a guiding light and willingly share the yoga knowledge. Make a yoga class a sacred place to be.

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