Why Yoga is So Much More than Just Stretching?

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Elephant, it is a huge animal having a long trunk and a pair of tusks. Closing the eyes, if a group of people touches different body parts of this animal, the structure of elephant seems different to each of them. What the core of the story is that Yoga is a prodigious science having multiple branches and aspects. It depends on the practitioners which aspect of Yoga they want to enjoy. Here, it has become extremely important for the readers to know various facades of Yoga. The vast heritage of Yoga can be classified into three volumes- Physical, Mental, and Spiritual. The beauty of Yoga is in its diversity that benefits every minute cell and everything that is related to the human being, including this universe. How colossal Yoga is can be understood by the fact that even the scientists of the highest stature are unable to unlock the abilities of a Yogi. Leaving these discussions for another day, let’s find out the reasons that put Yoga beyond just stretching or a form of physical workout.

Yoga is an art of happiness

First thing first, Yoga is not an exercise, like many of us believe. A number of people believe Yoga as an ideal way to lose weight or get strong muscles and that’s how they limit the ancient science to it. Yoga is a celebration of the body’s potentials, not the punishment to the body for our poor eating and living habits. Like dancing, painting, and singing are the unique abilities of a person, Yoga too is an attribute owned by an individual who practices it routinely. The art is about Felicity, not Stressfulness.

Yoga defines balance

Balance itself is a huge word that belongs to every particle of the planet. 99.99% of the molecules on our earth are more or less based on balance. The physical practice of asanas improves the body posture leading to a perfect body balance. The Pranayama and breathing during the asanas create stability between the body functions and respiration by teaching us the significance of the breathing science. Hatha Yoga is the balance of the solar energy and the lunar energy within the body.

Yoga is a science of better living

Let’s clarify that Yoga is a philosophy of life. All the do’s and don’ts are mentioned in the yogic scripts. From how to eat to how to live and from how to talk about how to behave, Yoga is an assortment of everything that leads to an ideal living. From a child to a grey-haired person, the philosophies of Yoga show a way to everybody who seeks shelter under it.


Yoga is about overall body training

Now let’s turn to the physical version of the sacred Yoga. It is again the antithesis of the popular belief that Yoga is stretching. We should rather say stretching is a part of Yoga but not vice-versa. Yoga is far more than just the elongation of muscles. The practice is also about excellent body flexibility and a better metabolism. It is the self-awareness of one’s hidden abilities which Yoga helps to explore. The practice of Yoga heals the whole body from head to toe.


Yoga connotes Unity

The English translation of Yoga is ‘union’ which truly reflects in all the yogic components. The first task of Yoga is to connect the mind, body, and spirit together followed by their incorporation with every particle in the Milky Way. The teachings of Yoga enhance our level of consciousness by connecting our soul to the entire planet. Within the body, it connects every sensory nerve to attain a higher level of enlightenment.


The massive description of Yoga cannot be entirely written in black and white. Whether you choose Yoga as a means of attaining physical benefits or want to go for a Yoga Teacher Training to spread the divine yogic knowledge to rest of the globe, you are most likely to encounter the unveiled aspects of Yoga beyond its ‘ability to stretch and flex’ parameters. The most important thing is to acknowledge your needs and set a goal.

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