When to Change the Car Seat for your Baby?

Car Seat

Since changing the law regarding the use of baby car seats in vehicles, we have improved a lot in reducing injuries to the little ones in the event of traffic collisions, but do you know which seat you need? The law requires us to carry our children up to approximately 12 years of age or 35 kilos, but throughout this period the car seat must adapt to the weight, age, and height of our little ones, and this forces us to change seat car sometime but

When to change the car seat?

Well, this depends on the chair you buy, since there are models that serve various age groups, so you will need to change your chair or at most 1 time. Let's look at the differences between the different groups of chairs starting with those of groups 0 and 0-1.

Chairs group 0-1:

This group will allow you to keep the chair up to 18 kilos or 4 years old and your baby will be perfectly protected at all times. Its fitting will all the time be in the opposite direction to the vehicle's running, but if you choose it with the Isofix system you can install it in the direction of the brand since its 3 anchor points ensure maximum support and safety. In the market, there are lots of best car seat for 2 year old to 4 years old.

If your chair is only for group 0, the time to change it to group 1 will be when the 9 kilos are passed or when the top of the head protrudes above the chair, because it is then when you are in danger in case of impact.

The chairs in group 0 with the + symbol means that you can use them up to 13 kilos instead of 9.

Group 1-2 chairs

This group of chairs ranges from 9 to 25 kilos approximately. They are normally used by children up to 7 years of age to later move to group 3. They are adjusted with the car seat belts in the rear or front seats but always in the direction of travel.

These chairs are made so that the little one's spine is always straight even when sleeping, thus avoiding serious injuries in the event of an impact.

If your model belongs only to group 1 you will have to change it when your baby when his shoulders exceed 2 cm above the upper slits of the harness of the chair when being with the back fully upright.

Group 2-3 chairs

This group of car seats is for children from 15 to 36 kilos or between 5 and 12 years old and they are also known as child lifts, which can be with or without a backrest. Its fastening system is similar to that of group 2.

Group chairs 1, 2, and 3

This group covers a broader age range than any other group, since it ranges from 9 to 36 kilos, so you only have to buy a chair from group 0 and at 3 or 4 years old change to this group until the end of the rest of the stages.

When is the car seat not necessary?

As we have said before, children who are between 1.35 to 1.50 and 12 years old no longer have the obligation to use it, although if you travel in other countries you must take into account the regulations in force in your destination, since the maximum height for mandatory use of the car seat varies by country. 

In summary: Before choosing a specific model, make sure of your baby's needs, weight, height, and age. Also, check if your vehicle supports the Isofix system and make sure that the model you buy is approved according to the European regulation ECE R44 / 04.

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