Significance of Natural Products for Babies

Significance of Natural Products for Babies

Babies are vulnerable to harmful chemicals, and their skin is super sensitive to foreign ailments. Therefore, it is advisable to use natural baby products for skin and hair care routine. 

There are numerous choices for a parent to select the best products for babies. However, most of the marketed products are full of harmful chemicals and additives that are not suitable for the sensitive skin of the babies. It is important for parents to conduct proper research and rationalize decisions in the selection of baby products.

Natural Baby Products

The baby products made with natural ingredients contain bioactive extracts and essential oils that are dermatologically tested safe for baby skin. They are more calming, safe, and non-toxic than other synthetic derivatives found in the market. 

The natural formulations produce more therapeutic effect and are effective, also suitable for the majority of the skin types. Usually, the baby’s skin is sensitive and soft, which is prone to get infected by exposure to chemicals. Hence, natural products for babies are a better option than synthetic products.

Benefits of using Natural Products

The most valuable natural baby products Canada are made with useful active ingredients found from plants. They are safe for the sensitive and soft skin of babies and are suitable for regular use. The benefits of using natural products for babies are as follows:
Prevents Infection - The natural ingredients present in the products are non-toxic and do not cause any infection on the skin. They are devoid of any harmful chemicals and substances that may cause irritation to the newly formed skin of babies. 

Natural products prevent any allergies and infections on the surface of the skin. Majorly, the baby products contain curcumin, which is an active ingredient found in turmeric. It helps in keeping the skin healthy and prevents skin infections and rashes.
Cleanses the Skin - Baby skin is a newly formed surface that needs a thorough cleaning. The artificial baby cleansers suck out natural oils from the baby’s skin, making it dry and itchy. 

But the natural products made with chickpea flour and aloe vera extracts moisturize the skin during cleansing and detoxifies the skin from the build impurities. Naturally-derived cleaners do not make the skin dry and restore natural moisture to skin to make it more supple and smooth.
Do not Irritate the Skin - Many people believe in using only water for bathing babies as they want to avoid harmful parabens found in baby head-to-toe washes. However, the best natural baby products meant for washing and bathing are boosted with mild cleansers and exfoliants, which cleans and detoxifies the skin without any irritation. 

The baby oils contain only essential oil mixed with a good quality carrier to make sure the baby’s skin is not exposed to harmful mineral oils.
Nourishes the Baby Skin - Most of the natural products for baby skin care and hair care routine contain ingredients that thoroughly moisturize the skin and hair.
As baby skin is prone to dryness as the skin loses moisture to the environment, the baby products with natural ingredients are designed to boost hydration into the skin. The baby products are luxurious and contain hyaluronic acid in a meager amount that restores the natural moisture level and prevents the skin from drying.
Environment Friendly - The brands producing naturally-derived baby products are sensitized with environmental concerns. They produce baby products that are safe for usage and also environmentally friendly.
Majorly, production, and clinical testing of natural products for baby do not involve the harming of animals. They are derived very easily from natural compounds. The packaging materials used in these products are biodegradable and recyclable. Therefore, natural baby products do not harm nature and are environment friendly.

Ingredients to Avoid in Baby Products

There are some baby products that advertise themselves as purely natural but contain a few harmful chemicals inside them. A well-aware parent should check the ingredient list mentioned on the packaging and try to avoid these compounds:
Mineral Oils - The baby massage oils and hair oils meant for babies contain mineral oil. It is used as a replacement to olive oil and jojoba oil for use as a carrier oil to dilute the essential oils derived from plants.
Added Frangrance - Fragrances are added to body lotions to make it aesthetically more appealing. However, these added fragrances are made up of harmful elements that can cause skin irritation and rashes.
Phthalates - The fragrances and preservatives contain phthalates. It is easily absorbed by the skin as it replicates the female hormone of estrogen. However, it causes severe skin diseases in babies.
Parabens - Parabens are commonly used preservatives used in skin and hair care products. It is banned in many countries because of its harmful effects and causes skin cancers.
Petrochemicals - Petrolatum and paraffin oil must be avoided in baby products. They do not have any benefits for the skin, but cause irritation and clog up the pores of the skin.

It is necessary to put a period to synthetically derived baby products and start using natural products. They are best for skin and hair care products for the vulnerable baby skin.

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