How to Get Rid of a Nappy Rash?

Nappy Rash

It is not uncommon for your baby to cry and whine: a sore bottom. Nappy rash is the name given to the red, painful, and often itchy spots on babies' delicate skin in the nappy area. Most babies sooner or later have a nappy rash. In many cases, there is also a fungal attack, because the nappy contains a perfect environment for the fungi to multiply. Both skin diseases must be treated promptly so that the inflammation does not spread any further.

What is a nappy rash?

A rash or a sore bottom - babies suffer from it again and again. The nappy often rubs and rubs against the child's skin. Feces and urine can also irritate the skin in the nappy area. This often causes nappy rash, also known as nappy rash.

How does nappy rash develop?

Tightly fitting nappy pants ensure that urine and stool remain in the nappy area. As a result, hardly any air gets to the baby's bottom. The result: the skin that is damp from the excretions cannot dry out. The moisture attacks the upper horny layer. Redness occurs and the skin becomes inflamed.

Besides, bacteria and skin fungi feel particularly comfortable on damp skin. The sore spots on the skin allow them to spread to the top layers of the skin. Therefore, nappy rash is often accompanied by a protracted fungal infection.

Addressing a nappy rash is crucial, especially when it affects sleep, and understanding the dynamics of the 18 month old sleep regression can provide valuable insights.

Another cause of nappy rash is found in some infants in an unfavorably composed intestinal flora. In the first few years of life, the microorganisms that support digestion must first settle in the intestine. It is therefore easy for bad colonization to occur, in which harmful bacteria gain the upper hand and, with their irritating excretions, can trigger skin inflammation on the baby's bottom.

What types of nappy rash are there?

There are two types of nappy rash:

Ammoniacal nappy rash

Urine and stool form ammonia compounds in the air, which can irritate a baby's sensitive skin and lead to inflammation.

Nappy rash caused by yeast

yeasts such as Candida albicans settle unnoticed on the skin and mucous membranes. Normally they are kept in check by the body's defenses, fatty layers, and protective acid mantle. They can penetrate and spread into sore skin under the nappy.

What is the difference between a nappy thrush?

Since it is very warm and humid under the nappy, it creates a perfect breeding ground for a fungal infection. This fungal attack is associated with the skin irritation symptoms of nappy rash. In this case, one speaks of a nappy swell. The yeast Candida Albicans is responsible for the nappy fungus. 

In contrast to nappy rash, the skin irritations are no longer limited, but so-called scatter sources occur. Most often the baby suffers from pain and itching with a nappy fungus. The child will notice this and become restless or screaming.

What are the symptoms of nappy rash?

Reddened areas of the skin are typical of nappy rash. Often weeping blisters form on it and the skin swells. Sometimes whitish scales also come off. The reddened and sore spots on the buttocks hurt when touched. So if your child cries and cries for no apparent reason while kicking, you should take a look under the nappy to see whether a nappy rash has formed.

Care should be taken with a cold and diarrhea. Because this affects your baby's body defenses. As a result, inflammation can develop from a reddened area in a flash. 

nappy rash - what to do?

A nappy rash is usually easy to treat and then goes away within a few days. You can prevent imminent inflammation early on. Regularly inspect your baby's bottom while changing diapers. If you discover redness and the baby is otherwise healthy, it may be enough to keep the baby's skin dry longer. Shortly, change diapers more often and do without nappy pants at home more often.

If the nappy rash does not go away, you should see a pediatrician. This can determine whether it is just a sore bottom or a nappy rash. There may also be a fungal infection in the form of a nappy swell.

The nappy rash is usually treated with an ointment. Particularly with a nappy fungus, care should be taken that the correct ointment is used. Nappy rash cream helps the affected sensitive skin to protect itself from intruders.

In addition to medical treatment, you can try soothing your baby's skin with natural home remedies. Lukewarm bran baths have also proven themselves as home remedies for the prevention and relief of nappy rash.

What to do if the nappy rash recurs?

A nappy rash is very common and cannot always be prevented. Infants between the ages of 6 and 12 months are particularly affected. Even so, there are a few things you can do to try to prevent nappy rash and nappy thrush:

  • Let your baby crawl around naked several times
  • Change diapers as often as possible
  • Keep the nappy region dry - also between the skin folds! 
  • Clean the nappy area thoroughly, but not excessively
  • Breastfeeding your child - this seems to prevent nappy rash
  • If you suspect, see the pediatrician as soon as possible

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