What is the Best Way against Annoying Fat Deposits?

Fat Deposit

If fat cells are essential to our body, their surplus can be complex, even particularly unsightly in some cases. Many patients see a specialist in cosmetic medicine or plastic surgery to get rid of their localized fat deposits. They are looking for effective methods to feel better about their bodies… and therefore better about themselves. Let's see what is possible today.


The cells that store fat is, in medical jargon, more often called "adipocytes". Their role is decisive in the body since they allow to accumulate energy in the form of fats, to synthesize them from fatty acids and glycerol. These fat cells also secrete hormones that regulate appetite and allow adaptation to ambient temperature. They are therefore essential.

However, with weight gain, these localized fat deposits can gain volume before multiplying. They then tend to lodge in certain areas of our bodies. For example, deposits will generally take place in the abdomen, especially in women after pregnancy but also in our friends the messier.

Adipocytes also have their habits on the side of the outer part of the thigh (saddlebags) or the hips (love handles), sometimes in the lower back, on the knees, or the arms. In any case, its gradual installation is very rarely well experienced.


Fortunately, there are different ways to get rid of your fat cells and regain a healthy body and smooth curves.


You can start with the good old method: combine good food hygiene, watching what you eat, with regular exercise (weight training in the gym, jogging every day, etc.). After a few months, you should notice the first evolution and witness the gradual reduction of your bulges.


If this is not the case and you are unable to get rid of your localized fat deposits, you have the option of seeking medical consultation for liposuction. This plastic surgery procedure involves removing your fat using a cannula. It allows you to quickly refine a silhouette, especially a stomach, thighs, arms, knees, or arms.

However, it is not indicated for all patients. For example, people who are too overweight or in a situation of obesity cannot use liposuction.


Sometimes patients do not wish to have surgery. The Esthetic Centers then offer them a much less invasive technique: cryolipolysis. Without a needle, without anesthesia, or dissociabilisation, this slimming method consists of destroying localized fat deposits by a mechanism of intense cold.

Coolsculpting refines the silhouette by sucking up localized fat cells using a cooling suction cup. This process causes the death of adipocytes (apoptosis) and their natural self-elimination in the body. Men and women can benefit from this medical act and different areas can be treated:

•            The double chin

•            The arm

•            The torso (men)

•            The back

•            The hips

•            The belly

•            The knees

•            The saddlebags

•            Inner thighs


After the regions to be treated have been marked and the applicators have been properly applied, the application begins. In the meantime, you can relax on our treatment couch, sleep or work on the laptop. An initially unfamiliar feeling of pressure, cold, or tension usually only lasts a few minutes.

After a treatment time of approx. 35 minutes, the applicators are removed, the tissue warms up again and a slight tingling sensation sets in. The treatment at this point is concluded with a two-minute massage. There may be a slight stinging and temporary reddening here. If further cycles are planned, we can also carry them out immediately afterward (e.g. stomach and flanks).


In the first few days after treatment, there may be slight changes in sensitivity and swelling of the treated area. An initial feeling of numbness is also normal, and this can last for some time.

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