Top Golden Rules to Follow While Traveling With Toddlers

 Traveling With Toddlers

Traveling with a baby can be a different experience for new parents. Do you want to know which things to consider while traveling with toddlers? Keep reading!

1. Make the journey comfortable

First of all, an old trick to deal with long journeys with the newborn: try to travel during the hours when your baby usually sleeps. You won't notice it. Then, remember to bring suction sunshades; they stick everywhere (train, car, bus) and prevent the child from being bothered by the sun. Dress it so that changing the diaper is as easy as possible. Remove it from the seat every couple of hours, so that it can scamper a little.

2. Travel light (i.e., pack "smart")

Make sure that you have the best travel system for your baby. Stop the panic, which would make you pack the whole house, and space instead of planning. The key to suitably light luggage is to make a list organized around the main areas of care of the small child: baby food - sleep - change - leisure. Get informed and anticipate everything you can find on the spot (diapers, wipes, powdered milk if you are not breastfeeding, etc.); obviously, bring only what you can't buy with you.

3. Choose a perfect destination and accommodation

First of all. With a very small child, it is better to have a house, or a bungalow, or a farmhouse than a classic hotel. More flexibility in times, in the use of the kitchen and spaces. If you get scared of the idea of ​​having to do household chores, consider bringing a babysitter or stroller like bugaboo cameleon on holiday with you. What does a babysitter do?

Well, if you agree clearly, he also helps out at home. Last but not least: go where you have access to a washing machine. The alternative is to pack a royal baby outfit, you can't do it!

Where to go on vacation with a 3-month-old baby? If you go to the sea, which is easily accessible, better than a rock beach, and with a temperate climate. In the mountains: perfect everywhere, as long as the altitude is right for a newborn. But above all, if you like traveling, take advantage of the fact that airlines do not charge children up to two years (as long as they do not take a seat). And go away. Among other things, traveling by plane with a baby is much easier and more relaxing than traveling with a child or two, or five.

Traveling by Car with a newborn

First of all, two words on the seat, whose use, like the other restraints, are regulated by the Highway Code. The infant must travel in the special "egg", facing backward unless the passenger seat is protected by a frontal airbag. In this case, the airbag must be deactivated. If the baby travels looking behind, don't forget to hang something that can distract him a little.

Other useful tips for traveling with babies in the car:

  • Attach the suction cup sun shades
  • Spread relaxing music at low volume
  • Match the travel times to sleep, but also the child's eating routine, and follow it;
  • Bottle it when the car is stationary.

In general, as we said, when you're traveling with a baby in the car, don't forget the pitstops to change it, make them stretch their legs, distract them. In this regard: watch your child's clothing. That will not only be suitable for easy diaper changes but will also cover your entire body. In short, no short sleeves or bare legs. This is because during the necessary outdoor breaks the child must be protected from the sun, wind, and heat. The child will never shoud be left alone in the car, not even for five minutes.

By train with a newborn

The journey by train with a newborn needs, as for the other means of transport, his foresight and a little planning time. Above all, make sure you put everything you need in your travel bag (see the paragraph above, about packing). If you are breastfeeding and the train does not have electrical outlets to operate the bottle warmer, ask the staff: it will help you. For the rest follow these 4 simple rules:

  • Book the place for your child: you will need extra space to change it, or to make it stretch a little;
  • Dress the child in layers, to make him feel good even at different temperatures;
  • Arrives at the station in time: it is essential to reduce stress;
  • If the baby starts to cry you start walking: up and down the cars, it will calm down.

Traveling by plane with a newborn

Traveling with a baby on a plane is much less dramatic than one might think. Indeed, airlines are generally well equipped to accommodate families traveling with a baby. For example, if you book early and are well informed you can take advantage of special features, such as the cradle that attaches to the wall in front of the seats. Prams and strollers, then, don't count as hand baggage, so you can take them to the booth and then leave them outside, to pick them up again when you land. For the rest, the advice is always to get organized:

  • Do not board first, even if you have priority for families. Not much use, just to prolong the journey;
  • During take-off and landing phases, breastfeed the baby, or give him the hood: it will help prevent ears discomfort;
  • For long trips with newborns, better to hire the place. You will spend a little more but you can bring the car seat in the car and put it on the armchair, or you can stretch your legs while holding the baby in your arms, or use the seat as a surface to rest it on. In short, you will be much more comfortable;
  • Do not forget the cover, or a shawl to protect the child from the cold, or to breastfeed;
  • Avoid traveling during the season of colds and influences, the plane is an excellent vehicle of contagion.

So, are you still afraid of traveling with a baby?

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