The Top 6 Restaurants in Dubai

Dubai is the perfect getaway for tourists and for UAE residents as well. It has something for everyone, and is constantly pushing the frontiers when it comes to engineering, recreation, travel and fine dining.

The city is home to some of the best restaurants in the world. Its foods cape offers almost every cuisine from around the world, including many that specialize in traditional Arabic delights. The sheer variety is bewildering – from Michelin-starred restaurants to cozy cafes, there’s something to satisfy every craving and budget. With more than 5,400 eateries, foodies are spoiled for choice in Dubai.

If it’s the exotic and unusual you crave, we recommend the following list of restaurants in Dubai. These fine-dining establishments will provide an awe-inspiring view with a memorable meal.

1. Al Mahara

There can't be many restaurants in the world where you hop in a submarine to get to your dining table.  Al Mahara, located at Burj Al Arab, is the only underwater hotel in Dubai. This award-winning signature restaurant serves western seafood with a Chinese touch, and the fish on your plate is as fresh as the ones swimming around you. Watching the aquatic life forms swim just inches away from you are seated, makes for a truly refreshing dining experience.

2. At.mosphere

It’s probably the highest high you’re ever going to be able to give your date - At.mosphere offers eye-popping views of Dubai from ear-popping heights.  It holds the record for being the world’s highest dining destination, and is nestled on the 122nd floor of the tallest building in the world - the Burj Khalifa. Make the most of your time in the clouds with a seven-course set menu with wine pairings and a four-course set menu with a bottle of wine in the lounge. Enjoy the experience of dining in the skies.

3. Après

Inspired by the fun and chic atmosphere of European ski resorts, Après is a sophisticated lounge, bar and restaurant that embodies Alpine ski-lodge luxury. It is located at the foot of Ski Dubai’s slope in the Mall of the Emirates. Après’ amazing location and simply irresistible cocktails coupled with warm service and a striking interior makes for a truly unique experience in the Middle East.

4. PierChic

PierChic is a high-end Mediterranean seafood restaurant. Set on a bedecked pier jutting out onto the Arabian Gulf, clients are mesmerized by its ambience and exotic view.  Located at the Madinat Jumeirah, the pier is a romantic retreat, far removed from the noise and bustle of Dubai and offering pristine views of the Arabian Gulf.  Not surprisingly, this location holds a record for the most number of marriage proposals. 

 5. Qbara Restaurant Lounge & Bar

The city's premier Arabic restaurant, Qbara is much more than just a meal. The intricate light show projected on the restaurant's walls is sure to mesmerize you. The menu at Qbara is distinctive and hearty - highlights include the lobster kibbeh with avocado labneh, and a rich plate of herb-marinated roasted bone marrow with bottarga and hot Arabic bread. Be prepared to pace yourself; unlike other establishments, guests at Qbara are expected to settle into their seats for an hour-long feast.

6. Blue Elephant Restaurant

Widely regarded as one of Dubai's finest Thai restaurants, the distinctive Blue Elephant features a tranquil waterfall, exotic flowers and greenery, and intricate stained wood accents, creating the illusion that you're not in Dubai but in some quaint Southeast Asian village. The cuisine matches the décor; dishes on the menu are created using herbs, spices and produce imported from Thailand, and the aromas of basil, chilies and lemongrass scent the air.

Thinking about food?  Then Dubai is your holy grail.  Feast to your heart’s content from the culinary cauldron of the Middle East - experience the ultimate gastronomic delights in Dubai.

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