Benefits of Cumin:


Cumin is an ancient spice for its distinctive flavor and aroma which has been in use for thousands of years in many cultures and culinary. It is used in traditional medicine and has many health and beauty benefits. It plays an important role in the home and herbal remedies. let's see the benefits of this wonderful spice.

Health and medicinal benefits: 

1. Improve digestion:

 Regular usage of cumin as a spice in our day to day food helps to improve digestion by stimulating saliva production, secretion of digestive fluids, excretion of bile and increases movement of the intestines.

2. Regulating periods:

It can be used as a herbal remedy for irregular or infrequent periods when not related to an underlying disease.
3. It can be helpful in relieving menstrual cramps.
4. It can be used as an abortifacient agent.

Benefits of cumin water( water boiled with a spoonful of cumin seeds) taken in the early morning on an empty stomach:

5. Intake of cumin water helps in replacing blood lost during menstruation in young women and supports growth in children as it is a rich iron source even in small amounts.
6. It increases the production of breast milk in lactating women.
7. It is often used as a remedy for bloating accompanied with colic or diarrhea.
8. It helps in getting rid of acidity and provides relief from indigestion. It acts as a painkiller and is especially beneficial in curing stomach ache and abdominal pain.
9. Cumin water with ginger has a positive impact on your respiratory system as it is an anti-congestive by nature and helps get rid of the mucus accumulated in the chest.
10. It is high in potassium content which is a key mineral that the body relies on for proper functioning and helps to regulate blood pressure by balancing out the negative effects of salt.
11. Cumin oil is a powerful antioxidant which is rich in vitamins A and C and thus acts as a potential cancer-fighting herb. Cumin extract may have an estrogen-like effect.
12. The essential oil of cumin when mixed with a base oil can be used as a treatment for cellulitis.
13. In "Ayurveda" which is the science of Indian herbal medicine, cumin is used to treat insomnia, colds, and fever.
14. The mixed paste of cumin and onion juice applied to scorpion stings acts as a relief. 
15. Cumin contains antioxidants that stabilize free radicals which cause inflammation and damage DNA.
16. Regular intake of cumin with yogurt twice a day helps to improve blood cholesterol in clinical studies.
17. Cumin, when digested, releases a component called megalomicin, which has antibiotic properties which restrict the growth of infectious bacteria and fungi. 
18. Cumin, when used in seasoning, appear to have antimicrobial properties that may reduce the risk of food-borne infections.

Beauty benefits: 

Cumin enhances beauty. It is used in face packs, as an anti ache and an anti-aging agent, promotes the growth of long and shiny hair, prevents baldness. 

19. Cumin in face packs:
Cumin contains high amounts of vitamin E, potassium, calcium, selenium, copper, and manganese which help in rejuvenating your skin. You can use cumin powder or warm/cold cumin water in various face packs to give new shining to your skin.

Basic cumin face pack:

Mix warm cumin water and ground turmeric and make a fine paste. Apply this face mask for 10 minutes and wash off first with warm water and then with cold water. Your skin feels fresh.

20. Cumin water with few drops of rose water is used as an anti-acne toner.

21. Black cumin oil and black cumin water can be used to treat dandruff, hair loss and promotes the growth of long and shiny hair. 

Include cumin every day and have a healthy life!

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