Tips On Buying A Cookie Press

Cookie Press

Feeling hungry? Grab a cookie. Cookies are something that can revitalise your taste buds. The word ‘cookie’ sounds irresistible to many. However, making cookies is a form of art. You can easily make cookies using a cookie press tool which will maximise consistency and efficiency providing extraordinary results and taste, of course. A cookie press will make cute-shaped cookies that will look good to serve. It just adds more professionalism to your work.

With so many varieties available in the market, choosing a cookie press might baffle some of them. If you are a cookie lover, a cookie press is a must-buy for you. Below are some tips that will guide you through the process of the purchase of a cookie press:

  • There are two types of a cookie press, electric cookie press, and manual cookie press. A manual cookie press is an inexpensive cordless device that can be used to press cookies and decorate desserts according to the accessories provided. On the other hand, electric cookie press increases consistency levels and provides constant pressing saving you time. However, if you want to press heavier dough, you must choose standard models.
  • Choose a good quality model. Make sure that the attachment of shaft is smooth.
  • Avoid models that catch rust very quickly. It could reduce the life of your equipment. Read cookie press reviews to get a better idea about it.
  • Choose models that are comfortable to handle. An easy-to-use cookie press is always a favourable option so that children can even use it without any complexities involved.

As mentioned above, there are many cookie presses available in the market which offers different kinds of features. Below are some best professional cookie presses listed to give you a more detailed and precise idea:

OXO Cookie Press

For all the cooks out there, this is a fantastic option for you. A chamber will indicate how much to refill it. This maximises precision and eliminates chances of mistake. This press cookie can be disassembled to clean it up properly. The non-slip base increases the stability of the media.

Wilton Cookie Pro Ultra II Cookie Press

This is an ideal press for all the cookie lovers. There are about 12 radiant shapes available for adornment. It is a highly durable device and easy to use. You can wash it down by hand. Use Wilton Cookie Pro Ultra II Cookie Press next time to make cookies, as it is fun to use.

Norpro Cookie Press

If you are facing any issue regarding the making of cookies, this model is an ideal package. There are around 20 plates available, so you can create a variety of shapes making your cookie look more visually appealing. To add more delight, use Norpro Cookie Press. This model offers a three-year guarantee with it which can be hand washed. An easy to use machine can be used by children as well.

Marcato Atlas Cookie Press

Marcato is something that all cookie lovers need. It comes with a roll producer, and the material it is made up of is stainless steel. With ten years guarantee, you can rely on the product heavily. It comes up with 20 different shape circles to make a blissful plate of cookies. It has a high capacity.

HuiJia Stainless Steel Deluxe Biscuit Press Cookie Press

As it sounds, this stainless steel device makes it easy to outline the best shapes. You can spend your spare time making customised cookies you need. HuiJia is highly durable and will not catch rust quickly.


Going through the tips and using any of the overhead cookie press will surely be an amazing experience if you are a cookie-lover or like to make cookies. The making of cookies is now much more convenient and fun with cookie presses. Enjoy the experience and taste from now onwards.

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