10 Facts Everyone Should Know About Cafeteria Equipment Supplier

cafetaria equpment supplier

Cafeterias are at the heart of any city. Being places that are constantly bustling with large groups, these cafeterias also need appropriate equipment from suppliers. Here are ten facts that we should know about cafeteria equipment suppliers :

1) Space Utilization

If you are worried about how certain equipment would fit into your cafeteria kitchen, consult a cafeteria equipment supplier. They’ll be able to tell you exactly how to accommodate equipment based on the size of your kitchen and according to your cafeteria’s design. Optimum utilization of space and its beautification are extremely important parts of running a cafeteria or restaurant. This is exactly the domain in which cafeteria equipment suppliers can come to your rescue.

2) Best Materials

Equipment used in commercial setups is very different from the kind that is used in households. This equipment is made of stainless steel and then coated in materials that don’t let the dust settle on it. There are many different materials that are used by cafeteria equipment manufacturers to ensure that the equipment lasts for longer periods of time without causing any functional problems. Some examples of such materials are aluminum, wood and galvanized steel. Suppliers of cafeteria equipment are the best people to trust for providing you with the best equipment as they also supply cafeteria equipment for hotel that has large operation scales and have larger requirements.

3) Maintenance

The best person to advice you on maintenance of cafeteria equipment would be a cafeteria equipment manufacturer. This is because they are the designers of this equipment and know exactly how these work. Cafeteria equipment, if not maintained properly, can lead to unnecessary expenditure on repair or replacement. So, it is best to understand the maintenance process from the seller or the manufacturer of the equipment.

4) Bars require different equipment

Cafeteria equipment suppliers would be to tell you that bars and pubs require different sets of equipment based on their theme, decor and liquor licenses. For example, some bars have open counters which would require more attractive looking equipment as opposed to service-only bars that prepare orders inside the kitchen and bring them to the table directly. So, if you have a cafeteria cum bar, they would suggest that you go in for equipment that would be common to both and thus, help you save some bucks and kitchen space.

5) Catering equipment increases cafeteria sales

Catering equipment when used appropriately in cafeteria kitchens can lead to relatively larger sales. As an example, using larger refrigeration systems that are used for catering helps in keeping food fresh than what a regular system would. Another example would be that of using fast food sections more effectively to optimize cafeteria space. An open counter increases the speed at which the cafeteria operates and serves food to diners. This leads to increased satisfaction among diners thus, increasing your sales.

6) Freezers and Refrigerators

An appropriate refrigeration system amplifies sales by facilitating storage of food products and by preventing food from spoiling. A commercial merchandiser also helps you endorse beverages or desserts that are cafeteria specialties. Commercial merchandisers are small sized freezers that have open display sections through which customers can have a look at the products and place orders. However, before purchasing a commercial freezer for your cafeteria, you should consider your requirements and space availability. If space is an issue, reach-in refrigerators are good options to fulfill your restaurant’s cold storage requirements. You could speak to experienced cafeteria equipment suppliers or sellers and understand what would be best for your cafeteria, from them.

7) Food Counters

Food counters are direct points of sale from where the diner can directly pick their orders up. These counters accelerate your cafeteria’s growth as they reduce the need to keep extra staff for serving purposes. Another benefit of using food counters would be the display shelves. Cafeterias can display food items on these shelves and induce diners to buy those items.

8) Heating System

Heating systems are as important as refrigeration systems. In that, there are various options that you could choose from, keeping in mind the kind of food that is prepared and the kitchen space. Standard gas burners are relatively easy to operate as the heat can be judged directly from the high-medium-low settings. On the other hand, electric induction cooking ranges offer a cleaner and relatively safer cooking experience. These induction cooking ranges are better for kitchens that are smaller or serve food that does not need intensive cooking.

9) Cleaning Equipment

A kitchen is the powerhouse of any cafeteria or restaurant business. Maintaining cleanliness in kitchens has been made mandatory by Government bodies and restaurants that fail to maintain adequate hygiene levels, are issued penalties and notices. In such a scenario, using a dishwashing system and commercial disposer is the best way to keep the kitchen premise clean and safe from pathogens.

10) Safety Standards and Energy

Using the right kind of equipment not only benefits the cafeteria but can also be beneficial to the environment. Cafeteria equipment that uses lesser energy when in use, saves money that is otherwise spent on paying hefty electricity bills and also reduces the carbon footprint produced by the cafeteria. Meeting safety standards that are prescribed by authorities is very important for the smooth functioning of the cafeteria in terms of avoiding accidents and mishaps such as short-circuits and fires.


These are some ways in which cafeteria equipment suppliers and manufacturers help you understand your cafeteria’s kitchen requirements better.

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