10 Best Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Kitchen Backsplash

In today’s day and age, you will easily find a good mixture of both contemporary and traditional designs with personal touches that are sprinkled in it. You don’t need an interior design solutions provider, because we have curated 10 backsplash design ideas for you that have gained a certain popularity in the past year.

1. Ceiling height backsplash – Push it to the ceiling

What is the one area that comes to your mind when you think of backsplash tile? The most common answer here would be the extra space between the underside of the wall cabinetry and the countertop. A ceiling-height type of backsplash can give a rather classic tile a more modern and fresh look simply by highlighting the area of the kitchen which creates a focal point and helps the large patterned tile helps one stand out proud and loud. When it comes to higher backsplashes, they help to unite all the aspects of the space and also helps brighten up the space with the help of reflective qualities that the tiles itself hold.

2. Large Subway Tile

One of the most common sizes when it comes to subway tiles is 3” x 6”, and this has remained popular for a couple of years now. As a result of this, the homeowners are left craving for something a little more and different. Then again, with subway tiles being a hot trend for kitchen backsplashes, it is really not surprising that we are able to see these being incorporated in kitchens on a large scale.

3. Metallic and Mirrored Finish

These are the two types of tile finishes that picked up popularity and how, in the beginning of 2019 the homeowners started to seek a unique but more subtle style for their kitchens or the wet bar backsplash. Also, the mirror finish gives you a glossy and reflective surface which gets highlighted more when natural light strikes it, The mirror effect is even stronger when you extend the height of the backsplash to the ceiling.

Then again, if the glossiness seems too much for you, then you can always go in for the metal finish. These tiles have a texture and look that resembles real metals. In this, you can also choose between the different finishes, colours, and treatments.

4. Patterns and even more patterns

With the popularity of quartz countertops, it is no longer okay to just have a plain backsplash. Now, the homeowners want something more that turns heads and also creates an interesting focal point for everyone to admire. A lot of people are starting to experiment with different kinds of patterns. The upcoming types of tile patterns in 2019 include herringbone, chevron, Moroccan fish an even laser-cut tile amongst many others. It is very important for you to layout your design way ahead of time so that it does not end up looking imbalanced. One can always check out the various patterns that the local dealer has to offer to you.

5. Interesting finishes

Now with such advanced technology, there are endless options when it comes to choosing finishes from. If you want to go in for a backsplash that is a little vintage, then you have to invest in tiles that have a slightly weathered finish to them. In order to achieve a washed-out look, go in for tiles that have an acid wash on them. You can also go in for the natural stone effect that can be seen in honed or matte finish tiles, which are also popular in most luxury themed kitchens.

6. Go wild with colours

The element of backsplash in the kitchen allows you to introduce a personal style which could have a pop of colour that will look nice and also stand out. If you want your kitchen to look luxurious, go for colours like charcoal grey and black. The contrast from the surroundings like the countertops and cabinets will create the luxurious drama that you aim for. Also, make sure that your lighting plan is in place so that each part of your kitchen including the backsplash is highlighted.

7. Marble Slabs

We all agree that tiles are the most important part of the kitchen backsplash. For years together, these backsplashes have been made up of tiles whether they are porcelain, ceramic or even natural stone. Slabs have a different approach to them. Unlike a tile, a slab is more of a continuous piece which might or might not have breaks. The sizing her also depends on the material that is being used, but at the same time, it will not be smaller than the average size of 4” x 8” per sheet. This gives an added bonus of not having to clean up the dirty grout lines that form between the tiles. The design choices with slabs are more limited. If you check out home furnishings online website, you will be able to understand how you can decorate your kitchen with marble slabs as a backsplash.

8. Other materials

You don’t necessarily need to consider metal-finished backsplash materials. More often than not, you should keep an eye out for other materials like copper, aluminum, stainless steel, or perforated sheets. This applies to glass backsplash as well. Why not incorporate a combination of both steel and glass and make your kitchen look unique and stand out.

9. Wooden Backsplash

It is rare, but you can go in for a wooden backsplash such as shiplap, wood cladding, waistcoating an even beadboard that can take the look of your kitchen to the next level. One thing to keep in mind is that wooden backsplash can have a high maintenance charge, so you need to buy the right kind of wood to protect the finish.

10. Wallpaper

For someone who cannot afford marble slabs and tiles, there are wallpapers of that pattern, look and feel that are available online for cheaper that give the same look, are not so heavy on the pocket and are also easy to put up. If you’re one who likes to change their décor quite often, going in for a wallpaper backsplash is only a smart decision that you will be making.

Now that you have such great ideas in your hand, which backsplash idea will you be using for your kitchen?

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