How To Choose An Oven - Tips and Tricks

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It seems that such a simple task of how to choose an oven is much more complicated than it seems at first glance. There are many parameters to choose an appropriate model, some of which need to be considered, and some may not be useful. At the same time, you must first determine the necessary functionality and then compare the device models, their properties, and the price. And here you can learn &  choose double wall ovens.


Electric ovens

In addition to the relatively high operating costs and the inability to use them autonomously, there are no shortcomings with these devices. Heating elements can be attached at the top, bottom, and side so that you can heat the prepared dishes evenly. The required temperature is maintained by switching the heating elements on and off, which is also possible in budget models. The lack of open fire means better fire safety and functionality, including, for example, convection heating, which is quite difficult to implement in gas stoves.


Installed or standalone

All ovens can be divided into built-in units that are installed in the kitchen cupboards and set up separately. Which one to buy depends on the availability of open spaces and kitchen furniture in which the stove is installed. It should also be borne in mind that the separately standing stoves are mainly on the floor and that the built-in stoves can be raised to the required height.


Gas built-in oven

Otherwise, there are no significant differences, but in any case, the stove must be very hot during operation. Stand-alone models should be at least 10 cm away from the wall and the built-in fan must be well ventilated. Ignoring these simple requirements will at best result in a detachment of the kitchen furniture cover and at worst a fire.


Independent ovens

Above all, the choice of this parameter is limited to questions of design and management. The fact is that the dependent device is either sold in tandem with the hob or that it can be picked up by products from the same manufacturer. Independent ones are always installed separately and have their controls.


Heating modes for gas and electric cookers

Here is a clear advantage for electric ovens. If the gas can only be heated from below, and in models with a grill from below and from above, you can use the following modes with the help of electric, except for heating the dishes from all sides:


Upper gas grill

Also, gas ovens can convectively heat the prepared food. This is achieved by installing them in the housing of the fan, which burns the hotplate with hot air. It should be remembered that the models equipped with such a device should be more expensive to produce - they must make a special burner, the flame from which is protected from drafts, and provide the stove with additional protection, which is a flame in the event of fading or completely block the flow of the gas it contains.


Functions of electric ovens

Due to the lack of an open flame that goes out of the design, and the availability of electronic controls, the electric oven in terms of cooking functionality gives great head to their gas counterparts.

The first advantage is the possibility to automate the cooking process since electric heaters can be switched on and off according to a pre-programmed program. So you can not only switch the oven on or off at the right time, but also save entire recipes that are not only intended for different dishes but also different types of meat and fish.



There are models with two independent convectors that allow you to cook two different dishes at different levels at the same time without mixing their smells.


Cooking on different levels

The design of the oven allows you to easily equip it with a magnetron that allows you to expand the list of functions in microwave mode when the cooked products are heated from the inside.

In the "Elite" class, special attention is paid to how food is cooked with the maximum amount of useful substances that remain in it. Such models are equipped with a steam generator and an additional container for water - if the corresponding mode is switched on, the oven is used as a steam cooker.


Accessories for functional expansion

In addition to the modes and functions that were originally built into the oven itself, there are additional accessories so that the device can be finished at the factory (with a corresponding increase in the cost of the device), or they can always be bought separately if required and the possibility of installation.


Rotisserie oven

Thermal probe. The original way of controlling the temperature at which cooking takes place. The temperature sensor measures the degree of heating not from the air in the oven, but from the most prepared food. It is located in a thin stainless steel rod that pierces the meat to be cooked, for example. The thermometer can initially be built into the oven and then it is essentially just another sensor from which to read the data. This uses a wired and wireless connection method and the information obtained is displayed. Also, the probe can be purchased separately and does not have to be tied to a manufacturer, but in this case, you cannot guarantee full compatibility with the chosen oven model.


Thermal probe

Individual thermometer. Not all cabinets, especially gas cabinets, can display the temperature in the heating chamber, so paired mechanical thermometers are used with them, which are bought separately (or go from the store as a bonus). The temperature is indicated by the extension of the spring to which the arrow is attached, which shows the degree of heating of the furnace on the scale. The only inconvenience to using them is that you first have to pull a thermometer out of the oven and then take out the dish yourself.


Mechanical thermometer for the oven

Built-in alarm clock - It's good if it's with a loud and nasty sound. If ovens with an electronic control type that is not a timer can have sensors that react to the smell of combustion and switch off the oven, then appliances with a gas heating type cannot have this. If you forget the prepared dish and don't hear the alarm, the prospect of ordering pizza from the restaurant increases every second.


Methods for cleaning ovens

When choosing an oven, special attention should be paid to the cleaning methods, because even with the most careful handling, each oven must be cleaned regularly. To waste as little time as possible in the future, it is important to consider in advance which methods are cleaned of dirt and grease:

The traditional way - water, detergent, sponge, and a lot of patience. It is used for gas and electric ovens.

Hydrolysis cleaning - In general, the same traditional cleaning method is used, but first a baking sheet with water is placed in the oven, which turns into steam and softens all the dirt that has accumulated on the oven walls. Some of it can even drain onto the baking sheet, but the rest will be much easier to clean. Steam burners are not afraid of gas burners, electric youth are sealed, so the method can be used in both types of stoves. It is advisable to let the devices dry thoroughly after the procedure.


Oven door

There are three types of oven doors depending on the opening mechanism. The door can be hinged, foldable and retractable.


Retractable oven door

Most ovens have double glazing. But there are models with three or even four glasses. The more glass on the door, the better the heat insulation of the stove. This affects both the cooking time and safety since the risk of burns is reduced. Therefore, the rule works all the better here.


Selection of the tax system

All gas ovens are mechanically controlled - on the control panel are the handles and switches that control the gas supply and the inclusion of the required modes.


Mechanical inspection of the furnace

Electric ovens are controlled electromechanically or electronically, depending on the cost of the model. In the first case, several knobs are not mechanically connected to anything, but only close the contacts that control the activation of the modes. One of the controllers sets the operating temperature, the second - the heating mode, the third is a timer that either switch off the oven power or beeps when the cooking ends. There may be more depending on the functionality of the controller, but these three will be there.


Electromechanical control

The most reliable is the electromechanical control - in contrast to touchscreens, which offer a small margin of safety and have a high probability of failure at temperatures above 70 degrees.


Oven dimensions and usable volume

The oven is conventional, compact, or narrow in terms of external dimensions.

Standard full-size ovens are made in width 60-90 cm, height approx. 60 cm and depth 50-55 cm. The usable volume is in the range of 55-68 liters, which is more than enough to make a dish for one prepare big family.


Oven dimensions

These are not all sizes, for example, there are mini ovens for a useful volume of 5 - 15 liters. In any case, when buying, you should be guided by the availability of free space in the kitchen and choose a place where the stove is freely accessible and the doors of which are freely accessible.


Trolleys and equipment

The number and size of the baking trays that come with the oven are not standard - each manufacturer can tailor them in their way. This point should be specified at the time of purchase to buy the necessary baking sheet if necessary. It is mandatory to have at least two solid baking trays (of the same or different depth) and a rack for baking.


Security systems

Since the oven is a high-temperature zone to choose the oven correctly, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the quality of the preparation of the food, but also the presence in the establishment of the various protective devices. This topic is particularly relevant when the family has small children.


Cooling system

Since the stove is often built into furniture, its outer walls must remain at an acceptable temperature. From this extractor, this is fed, and sensors installed at the points of contact with the furniture, the triggering device when a dangerous temperature on the walls. The combustion protection system that controls the temperature of the oven door is also important. Big tricks are not - it uses two to four windows to space between which a separate fan blows the cold air, which is usually absorbed from the bottom of the case.



It seems that this function is far from the safety issues, but when you consider that the stove has high-quality lighting, it does not even open-close again, it reduces the likelihood of burns, especially if the stove is not household and door cooling system.



Their number and purpose vary depending on the type of stove. A gas-powered device necessarily has a "gas control system" that blocks the supply valve when the flame is damped. In ovens with electronic touch controls, there is a mandatory lock on the screen against unintentional pressures, which prevents the program from being changed by the child. If the device uses a catalytic cleaning method, the oven door must be blocked during operation to prevent it from being opened accidentally. The same protection can be installed in normal operation.

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