Things to Consider Before Running with Your Baby

Running with baby

If you just had your baby and little by little you want to recover your workouts, but you fear to separate from him, the stroller will be your best solution to take him to your training. You must take into account certain tips that will help you to make your training effective and at the same time, keep your baby safe. The safety of a baby is the main concern during jogging.


Surely, the first thing you should ask yourself is what age you can start running with your baby. Experts advise against practicing this activity in the first months, because too high intensity may not favor the little one. However, after 6 months you can add it to your sports routine. Another important matter is that the baby's cart must be special. Those designed for this purpose have three wheels, larger than normal ones, and include the possibility of locking the front wheel for more stability and avoiding uncontrolled turns. This stability is also given by the rear wheels, which, in addition to being larger, must be very separate to ensure balance. As for the handlebar, look for one that can adjust to your height, so you avoid unexpected injuries. Finally, ensure that in the car you have storage space. You can take your backpack off your back and reduce weight to run more and better. Also try to carry water, food and everything you need for your journey in the cart. Always try to manage such a jogging stroller for kids which is storage-friendly. 

Following five mom runner tips will help you run with the stroller without you or your baby taking any risks.

Security before everything

Make sure your baby is comfortable and has a seatbelt on. Place it in a position where your head and neck do not move much when running. Never forget to use a seatbelt for avoiding any unwanted situation.

Protect it from the weather

If it is hot and sunny, use a special sunscreen for him and clothes to cover him, remember that you will get warm, but he can be exposed to the wind and his light skin will start to get cold. If it is cold, protect it with plush clothing and a blanket. Always try to cope up with any weather for a better running experience with your baby.

Take the necessary items

Always try to bring the liquids so that they both stay hydrated, wipes to clean, dry and things you would normally wear in the diaper bag. Analyze how long your training will last and you will know if it is necessary to bring diapers, porridge or milk for your baby. It will be better if you make a list of necessary items.

Choose a safe route

Choose the park near your home or somewhere where the weather is mild and the pavement is safe, so you will avoid falling into a hole or stumbling with a stone. Before starting your journey, you can use any tourism app.

Secure the tires

Check all the tires before starting to run, this way you can avoid an accident. Analyze if the stroller makes any risky movement, as there have been cases in which they turn around because of the speed that cannot be controlled by the tires. So, be careful about the speed of the stroller. I hope that the abovementioned tips will be useful for you if you are planning for running with your baby.

If you are aware of the challenges during jogging, your baby & you will be safe from any unexpected situation.

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