Super Fun Ideas For A Family Reunion

Family Reunion

The family is very significant in the integral development of the child. It is the place where he grows up, where he learns to be who he is, where he forms his personality and learns emotional values. But when we talk about family we are not just referring to parents. So keep uncles, cousins, or any other person united by family relationship or friendship. Keep in mind that during childhood, the child learns attitudes that he will have in adult life. Thus, we can say that it is key that your child grows up in an environment of affection, respect, and trust so that when he grows up he is an open and self-confident person. A close and united family can bring you all these values. So what are you waiting for to organize meetings more often? We give you some ideas for all family members to enjoy every time you see each other.

Photocall with fun frames: Photos are the best memory of the passing of the years and surely they should not be missing in your family gatherings. But why not make them more original? Make cardboard frames and paint them with your children. Also, create posters with the names of the whole family and funny phrases. When the whole family is there, pose each one with the frame and the poster. Give him a sense of humor and let the kids take the pictures!

Wearing matching dress: Wearing a matching dress can be a great fun idea. Kids like to wear animal printed shirts. So, if you have any question like where to buy matching mama baby bear shirts, no worries because there have lots of online stores for matching baby dress. You can make your family reunion memorable by wearing matching dress.

Giant Family Tree: When did your aunt come to live in the city? How old is your cousin right now? With this activity, your children can learn in a fun way the history of their family and know first-hand where they come from and who they are. Attach a large piece of paper on a long table and draw a line that begins with a significant date (for example, Grandma's birthday) and ends with the current year. Mark the decades with colored tape and ask each family member to write memorable events that have happened to them (weddings, births, trips). Each one will be able to tell children funny stories related to these events.

Puppy Buffet: Cooking for many people is often a hassle, how about if you eat puppies at the next family reunion? Children love them and are easy to prepare. It is also a fantastic idea to unleash creativity and get to know family members a little more. On the table, put different ingredients so that each one can prepare it to their liking, like a buffet! Then write on a card what each one has given him and why. Thus, your children will discover that, for example, their uncle does not like peppers because they always put them at school or that the grandfather loves tomato sauce because it reminds him of what his mother made.

Invisible friend of memories: Family gatherings are great times to exchange objects with stories. What kind of things can you give yourself? Here are some ideas:

Souvenirs and old toys: Fridge magnets from a mythical trip, thimbles, stickers, or marbles from when you were little. The most important thing is that they have a curious story behind that you can tell.

Old photos: Make sure your family members make good quality copies or record them on a hard drive that you can see on TV. Imagine what face your child will have when he sees your little grandmother or you with your brothers.

Used items: A t-shirt of yours that your brother always wanted to have, your favorite childhood book, movies that you watch as children, or the dominoes that your grandfather taught you to play. Things that, although not worth millions, have great value sentimental.

What other ideas can you think of for a family reunion? What do you do with your family when you see each other?

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