Popular Varieties of Poolside Glass Fencing

Popular Varieties of Poolside Glass Fencing

Fencing has always been a popular idea for building construction. It offers security to the enclosed premise and beauty to the overall structure. Be it the house, the farm, or an orchard; fencing is considered to be an integral part of the construction.

However, as the modern ideas started ruling the construction ideas, fencing also became important for the pool area to keep the poolside protected, clean, and out of the reach of the intruders. Besides adding to the overall beauty of the pool, the poolside fencing also accounts for several other important factors and are thus considered significant for any pool.

One of the most popular choices to construct poolside fencing has become premium glass fencing. The transparent, clear, and urban look of this fencing always makes the poolside look classy. Here are some of the popular varieties of poolside glass fencing that you can opt for.

Framed-Glass Fencing: This is the most traditional variety used for fencing the poolside areas. The glass sheets are margined with decorative frames while making this variety of glass fencing around the pools. These fences feature a boastful appearance hard to ignore, and their presence gets declared boldly by the frames attached. Hence, no one will ever bump into the clear glasses of the fences while approaching the poolside.

However, plenty of fresh ideas have now replaced the old-school framed designs. Here is a brief about the latest trends.

Semi-Frameless Glass Fencing: If you are looking for poolside fencing that would neither make your premise look completely traditional nor loudly contemporary, settling for semi-framed glass fencing would be a smart choice. In this variety of pool fences, the glasses are fixed with the shiny aluminum poles that remain fixed with the poolside floor.

The frames that cover the periphery of the glass sheets do not cover the entire length of it. Instead, a part of the periphery of the glass sheet gets covered by the frames lending it a moderate look. For making the semi-framed fences, generally, 10 mm thick glass sheets are used.

Besides offering the poolside a perfectly modernized look, it also offers ample protection to the enclosed area.

Frame-Less Glass Fencing: Glass fencing without any frame is the latest most addition to the list of varieties of poolside fence designs. This type of fencing comes void of any frames and looks extremely urban. Hence, it does not bear a compelling look or an invasive appearance. The subtlety of the poolside remains intact even after installing the frame-less fencing. It hardly snatches the attention of the onlookers and lends the entire premise an extremely elegant appearance.

However, there is one thing that must be kept in mind while installing frameless glass fences. These fences are hardly distinctive by appearance and people may eventually bump into them if not given proper attention. Hence, before installing a frame-less fence around your pool area, make sure to put up a board mentioning the presence of the fence to avoid any unintended accidents.

Alternatively, safety stickers also make for a smart option to make the frame-less glass fences noticeable. You can paste the stickers at the corner of the fences as a reminder that frame-less fences protect the poolside.

No matter how many varieties of glass fences are available in the market, you should always choose the one that best suits your requirements and fits into your budget. The premium glass fencing installation m must be done carefully so that it matches the ambiance and the location of the poolside. It should always be kept in mind that glass fences are not meant for safety alone; they also contribute to the overall appearance of the premise concerned.

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