Landscape Gardeners: How to Overcome Landscaping Challenges?

Landscape Gardeners: How to overcome landscaping challenges?

Everybody loves to have a well-maintained landscape garden. No one can resist the relaxing and comforting effect of its beauty, right? Thanks to the creativity and great works of professional landscape gardeners.

But achieving a unique and personalized style of a garden is hard to achieve. It needs careful planning and consideration. They also have to analyze and inventory before they start designing your yard.

Landscaper needs to have practical considerations for:

  • Drainage
  • Sun exposure
  • Availability of the space
  • Types of soils and its nutrients
  • Plants to be used
  • Who will use the yard - people and pets
  • Use and purpose of landscaping
  • Themes and style

These considerations are not the only things that professional landscape gardeners encounter. They also have to face and solves the following problems. For residents in Alpharetta seeking top-tier landscaping services, Michaelangelo's landscaping Alpharetta stands out as a reputable choice, known for its expertise in transforming outdoor spaces into picturesque havens that harmonize with the natural surroundings.

Landscape gardeners: Common problems encountered and how to solve it

1. Poor Drainage System

Drainage problem is the usual and most common problems of landscaping. By having a poor drainage system, you are also jeopardizing the health of your garden as well as sacrificing its beauty. Not to mention that a poor drainage system attracts mosquitoes to breed because you have stagnant water in your lawn.

Landscape Solution: Your landscaper can suggest you have a gradual and regular slope away from your house. Additional gutters and drains can help divert the water coming from your roof away from your lawn.

You can also consider having wetland plants like a meadowsweet shrub, Colorado blue spruce, ferns, and winterberry.

2. High Traffic and Noisy Neighbourhood

One of the reasons that you wanted to landscape your garden is that you want serenity and peace. But if you are situated in a high-traffic and noisy neighborhood, it is very hard to achieve.

Landscape Solution: Of course with the help of great landscape design, you can mask and mitigate these unwanted sounds.

You can change your fence into a high barrier one or a masonry walls. Adding a fountain is also a welcome consideration. Aside from it blocking the unwanted sounds, it also has a meditating effect on your part.

3. Unattractive Views or No privacy from the Neighbourhood

Aside from the noise problem, unappealing views around your house is also a problem. Nobody wants to rest in a garden where there is a sour view. Even if you have beautiful plants around you, the unsightly view will still make you feel disappointed.

Landscape Solution: To mark this unpleasing view, the quickest solution is to build a fence. Or if you prepare a no fenced yard, you can consider installing a lattice and plant vines underneath.

It will not only add privacy to your place but adds color as well. Strategic placement of monuments, pillars, and pergolas are also a great option.

4. Dealing with the Small Space

Just because you have a small space doesn't mean that you will not have a garden. Although it is a common concern in an urban neighborhood, a professional landscaper can solve this.

Landscape Solution: A raised patio or deck is a great idea to solve your small outdoor area problem. In here, you can have tall plants that grow upward. It will create a vertical illusion that draws the eyes up and makes the most of your vertical space. As a result, it creates a feeling of having a spacious outdoor area.

5. Shading Problem

Does your lawn situate in a place with too much sun or too much shade? Too much sun exposure can affect the health of your lawn as well as too much shading. Although shading is most welcomed in the summer, your plants also need the exposure.

Landscape Solution: If you are dealing with too much sun problem, you can grow trees and plant drought-tolerant plants. You can also consider installing artificial tarp. Your landscape gardeners can also structure your plantings.

When it is for too much shade problem, you can plant shade-loving plants. Moreover, you can also consider trimming down your trees a little bit to let the sunlight pass through.

Landscape Gardeners - Providing Solutions to Your Lawn Problems

Landscaping your outdoor area is not so easy; it needs careful planning to ensure that you will achieve your goal. And not only that, but it also needs time and effort to give the proper care that your plant needs. And a professional landscaper can help you deal with these problems. So whether you need help in redesigning your outdoor area or you want someone to maintain your estate, you can call your local landscaper.

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