Tips for Creating a More Stylish and Functional Yard


Taking care of your property is a normal aspect of maintaining your home. Of course, plenty of people fall short when it comes to properly taking care of their lawns. While it is likely that you spend more time inside your home than hanging around the yard, this is the part of your property that visitors and passersby are going to notice first. Dedicating time to creating a more stylish and functional yard can give your home the boost it needs and make you feel proud of the place you choose to live. 

Give yourself a moment to consider these suggestions on how to upgrade your lawn. A few small steps can go a long way when it comes to seeing a change.

Proper Hydration

In order for a human being to feel his or her best, experts suggest the average adult needs to drink roughly eight glasses of water per day. Your lawn is no different. If you want your property to burst with lush greenery, then you need to dedicate the right amount of time to watering it. Unlike humans, however, a lawn does not need water each day to survive. In fact, your lawn is more likely to look its best when you water it less frequently but with more purpose. This means providing deep hydration to the grass weekly.

Professionals in the world of lawn care suggest that a lawn should be watered with about one inch of water once a week. A good way to determine whether or not you need to water your lawn is by feeling the top layers of soil. When the first few inches of the dirt are dry, it means that you should get the water ready. Be careful not to go overboard. If it rains or you live in a particularly wet climate, then you can get by with providing water a bit less than a weekly basis.

Aeration Options  

A lawn can be a high-traffic area of a home. If you have children or pets, then it is likely there is always someone running about the grass in a state of play. What you might not realize, however, is that this traffic can cause some problems beneath the surface of your lawn. The more movement occurs on the surface, the easier it becomes for the dirt and ground below to become compacted. When this happens, it is difficult for water and nutrients to properly circulate and it can cause parts of your lawn to wither or die.

Your first thought might be to limit the use of your yard. Unfortunately, this isn’t practical. You don’t want to restrict your kids or dog from having fun outside. The best solution for compacted soil is aeration. A company that specializes in this service can visit your property with useful tools like a core aerator to provide better airflow through your yard. Aeration should be performed about once a year to keep your property looking its best at all times.

Reuse Grass Clippings

An annoying aspect of lawn maintenance is disposing of grass clippings after the yard has been mowed. It might be exciting for you to learn that your lawn will benefit more if you leave the clippings where they are. Recent years have seen a number of homeowners practice “grass-cycling” and there have been plenty of benefits. Research shows that grass decomposes quickly and provides crucial nutrients to the soil. Your lawn benefits and you don’t have to worry about lugging those bags of clippings to the curb.

When you look at the exterior of your house, you want to be able to take pride in what you see. Proper lawn maintenance can make a world of difference to the way your yard looks and performs. To get the most out of your property, be sure to take time to research the best tactics. See what options will work best for the needs of your lawn and discover the difference it can make. 

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