Most Common Breastfeeding Problems


In some cases, and due to different circumstances, the mother may be forced to suspend breastfeeding for a few days. However, if the necessary measures are taken, the mother can continue giving her milk to the baby and, after the interruption time, breastfeed the child again without problems.

Next, we explain the causes that can lead you to stop breastfeeding, as well as the reasons that can cause a decrease in milk production and how you should act.

Causes of breastfeeding interruption

Mother and son are separated

If mom and baby are not together, the teats cannot be done. For example, when mom returns to work, is hospitalized for a few days, or has a short trip.

In these cases, the milk is still good, so it can be expressed, stored and offered to the child in his absence.

Mom has a fever

If the mother suffers from a viral or bacterial process and has a fever, for a few days, she may think that her milk will not be good for the little one. This is not so, although it is a widespread myth.

The common illnesses that occur with fever, like the flu or the cold, are not in themselves an obstacle that prevents breastfeeding, nor is there a risk of contagion for the baby through milk.

In this case, if the mother is not well and is not able to breastfeed, she can maintain milk production with a breast pump for low milk supply and breastfeeding the baby again as soon as she recovers.

Mom is taking drugs not compatible with breastfeeding

Certain physical disorders may require the prescription of measures incompatible with breastfeeding. These drugs are not many, but you have to be very strict.

In any case, whenever your physician recommends a medicine, you should inform him that you are breastfeeding. Your doctor will inform you well about what you can and cannot do. Follow their instructions to the letter.

Keep in mind that a brief interruption of 48 or 72 hours does not hinder breastfeeding, although it is necessary to take a series of precautions. You just have to keep milk production active, emptying the breast with the breast pump.

If the interruption of breastfeeding is longer, it can also recover, although it will cost more, especially if the mother has stopped producing milk. There are even cases in which adoptive mothers have managed to breastfeed their children without having given birth.

Why does breast milk "dry up"?

First of all, it must be said that milk does not "dry out", popular as this expression is. In any case, there are some circumstances in which the production of breast milk can decrease, and even disappear, although the latter happens very rarely due to physical causes.

The main reason for the shortage of milk production is not to put the baby to the breast every time he needs it, for as long as he wants. Milk production is governed by the principle of demand and supply, that is, the higher the baby's demand, the higher the mother's milk production.

That said, you need to add adequate grip and suction, good feeding and hydration for the mother and emotional stability. Running away from stress and anxiety is essential to produce milk!

However, several physical and organic situations can cause hypokalaemia, low milk production, or agalactia, absence of breast milk. For example:

Hormonal causes

A decrease in the level of hormones such as prolactin and oxytocin, key in the production of breast milk, can cause a lack of milk. The reasons can be varied: placental problems, drug use, hypothyroidism, diabetes, etc.

Nutritional causes

In this case, inadequate nutrition and hydration of the mother may be the cause of the low production of breast milk. However, these would rather be extreme cases of malnutrition, or eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia.

Glandular and post glandular causes

In this case, the source of the milk shortage may be in a gland problem: from cancer to less serious reasons, such as poor chest emptying, obstruction or engorgement, for example.

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