Miracles in Pair or Double Trouble!

Your kids will share

Shocks of a planned pregnancy? Yea some lucky ones get this too! Ever heard? Well, medical term says ‘twins’. Being pregnant with twins tops the list of the shocks, confused! if call it a miracle or trouble? Who can understand this surprise of having twins, only who have got one, wait for two? Ughh! So confusing. Well, indeed it is. Not only confusing but scary, a bit, yeah! No wonder kids are cute but the trouble they get no doubt is scary and then imagine twins! Poor! Poor! A lot of things will cross your mind but throw the troubles why not just pick the perks. Yeah, the perks of being parents to twins. Move your eyes to few picked and relax, you are going to do great.


Your kids will share

Your kids will have to share they may want it or not, they have little choice. They will find ways to manage in the scarcity as you obviously won’t get them both two similar toys. They might sometime plan to bring the whole house down but will sooner or later learn to share among themselves. The best part about raising kids of the same age is, they both will learn together that the world doesn’t revolve around them.


You can’t helicopter parent

You must have seen parents in the park who tort behind their kids but having twins it won’t be possible for you to run behind both your kids but this isn’t something bad. Letting them free will give them more to explore. Two kids running in two different directions obviously you can follow only one and the other you fail to follow get the opportunity to explore more and learn on his own. So alternatively follow them for both to learn equally.


First second time parent

Should we say experiencing both, the first-time second-time parent is like having best of both worlds. We all know becoming a parent for the first time is great but by having twins you get to experience both the first and the second parent things. You get to know that parenting styles aren’t different but the kids are. I.e a kid who is introvert will remain introvert and parenting doesn’t affect that.


Learning stranger handling

When strangers get to see you with twins they ask you so many things. They’ll ask you about your struggle, you will be surrounded by people like swarms of bees. Not only this you will also get to hear many twin tales. Some will also throw questions like how did you lose your pregnancy weight, how do you breastfeed, how do you distinguish and many more similar questions. You’ll by a certain point lean to handle strangers and their questions well.


Learning to say no

Your twins can act as your savior in many ways. The excuse for handling the will help you escape and avoid social gatherings and parties you do not want to attend. Those gatherings to which it was hard to say no earlier will become ease when you give an excuse for your twins. So do thank them and the responsibilities you have towards them.


Heightened tolerance

Your patience and tolerance power increases when you take care of twins. Dealing with constant crying and cribbing makes you a patient and tolerant person in few years. So basically when you have twins and you take care of two kids together, it helps increase your tolerance power as you handle the double dose. This handling will be tough but it definitely will make you a different person altogether.


This sooner won’t be a plight and you’ll smile in the middle of the chaos as twins aren’t always a trouble. They no doubt are a miracle sent to you to take care of. This journey is full of ups and downs but you can ignore the rough side and be loving parents to the two apples of your eye, your twins!

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