Microsoft Dynamics AX Best ERP Software Read Below Why

It is often called fondly within industry circles as the best enterprise resource planning software organizations anywhere could have asked for. There are reasons, they have been seen and acknowledged and now is the time to highlight them so that everyone everywhere knows why Axapta made it this far and why its upgrades in coming times promise even more.

1. It is a flexible and customizable solution. Easiest to integrate and customize, it can be tweaked to suit a particular business and its requirements. Built on standard Microsoft Technologies, it has a familiar touch as compared to that of Microsoft Office which makes using it highly interactive and easy.

2. The Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP Solution offers industry specific functionalities for the Public Sector, Retail, Distribution, Services etc. One will certainly come across deep functionalities that will help meet industry needs and put in better performances.

3. Axapta scores very high on the usability scale. The user interface remains highly customizable and offers role based personalization. It also offers core capabilities in Finance, Human Capital Management, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Project Management, Accounting etc. that help manage a core business with great ease. Additional capabilities include Sales, Service, Marketing, Retail, Business Intelligence, Reporting etc.

4. The best enterprise resource planning software accounts for a rich industry foundation on the basis of which partners build packaged applications for various industries ranging from high-tech to manufacturing, architecture to engineering, retail to manufacturing etc.

5. The Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP Solution offers a lot of unique capabilities such as open source code, an N-Tier architecture that has no limit on the number of users, an enterprise portal which provides for a MS SharePoint Web Authoring Experience and Document Management as well.

Axapta offers the following benefits to companies involved in providing Professional Services:-

1. Resource Scheduling
2. Project Quotations with WBS
3. Integration to Project Server
4. Project Contracts with Billing Rules
5. Sub-Contractor Management

Those into Supply Chain Management get to fix various aspects of it such as:-

1. Intercompany Trade
2. Demand Forecasting
3. Trade Agreements & Multi-Site Warehousing
4. Vendor & Customer Self Service
5. Inventory, Distribution and Procurement

Project Accounting professionals get to handle many tasks with ease such as:-

1. Project Hierarchies with Cost Control
2. Quotations, Estimates and Budgets
3. Revenue Recognition along with WIP & Accrual
4. Resource Time Management

Payroll Professionals get to work on stuff such as:-

1. Simple as well as Complex Payrolls
2. Leave & Compensation Management
3. Be Wiser When it Comes To Taking Personnel Deployment Decisions
4. Meet Up With Regulatory Requirements With Thorough Ease

Manufacturing Professionals get to handle aspects better which include:-

1. Production & Inventory
2. Process & Lean Manufacturing
3. Discreet Manufacturing
4. Product Builder with Shop Floor Control

Those heavily into Reporting & BI are empowered by AX to:-

1. Get Comprehensive KPI Views on User Dashboards
2. Make the most of Built-In MS Office Integration
3. Get Access to a Million Standard Reports with SSRS
4. Publish Reports Online
5. Work on Microsoft Management Reporter

Human Resources professionals have reasons to be happy as well. Ax offers functionalities such as:-

1. HR Professionals get to structure organizational units and job profiles.
2. They get to analyze the overall well-being of the organization by keeping a close eye on employee absenteeism.
3. They get to identify gaps in employee skills which require training and development.
4. AX helps HR Professionals streamline course administration.
5. AX helps them reach out to employees more personally, which helps build stronger relationships.

Everything mentioned above make the Axapta the great ERP it is. The experience will become even better when the nearest Microsoft Dynamics Partner is contacted for a quick implementation.

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