Metabolic Cooking by Chef O.B

Metabolic Cooking

Get Cooking and Get Healthy

I love to cook. I was a professional chef and I still enjoy creating wonderful meals for my family and friends. At the same time, I worry about the health effects of all that rich eating. And to be honest, I've packed on some extra pounds that I'm not too happy about.

You might think that my knowledge of food and cooking techniques would make it easy to create healthy alternatives. That isn't the case. Over the years I've tried to cook leaner and lighter, but I could never get used to sacrificing taste for health. Most of the low-calorie recipes left me unsatisfied and seemed to put my cravings into overdrive. I'll admit, I gave up on dieting because I just couldn't stand the thought of eating bland tasteless food the rest of my life. As for my family, when I tried to sneak a low-fat meal into my rotation, they complained bitterly. I can't blame them. They were used to fine dining and I was serving them cooked cardboard.

I was at the point of giving up when I happened to chat with my neighbor. She had recently lost a lot of weight and didn't seem like she was suffering at all. She told me she was using a system called metabolic cooking. That threw me. I thought it was a new cooking technique. And I wondered, how can cooking be metabolic? Is it related to metabolism?

I was close. Metabolic cooking refers to a way of eating that gets your metabolism rolling like a pot on a fast boil. It's a three-part food plan that turns every meal into a fat-burning session for your body.

What kind of meal? Here comes the good part. There's nothing dry or tasteless here. With this type of cooking, I've been able to feed myself and my family better than I ever thought possible. Every day I have fun deciding what we're going to eat: Pancakes or blueberry muffins for breakfast; pesto grilled pork chops or stuffed peppers, maybe with a side of curried eggplant, for dinner; pina colada and chocolate mint smoothies for snacks; and mouth-watering desserts. Everything's made from wholesome, natural ingredients.

These recipes were developed by a husband and wife team who faced the same challenge I did: creating healthy meals that people want to eat. When I decided to order the plan I thought I'd be getting one cookbook. It's actually nine cookbooks! There's also a guide that will help you create a personalized program, directions on meal planning for optimal success, and extras like meal planners and shopping lists.

As I said, I love to cook but what's impressive about metabolic cooking is that it will work even if you don't like cooking, have never cooked, or think you're not good at it. These are simple recipes that don't involve any complicated steps. You can buy the ingredients wherever you normally shop. Picky adults and kids alike will love them, and/ they're so easy you can have fun cooking together and teaching your children healthy habits that will last them a lifetime.

Cooking is the heart of this plan, but there are two other important elements. The first is food combining; for the plan to work, you have to follow the guidelines for what foods to eat together and when to eat them. The second is a good protein supplement, and the authors give you pointers on where to buy the ones they recommend.

There is solid science behind this system. Researchers have found that certain foods, especially in the right combination at the right time, will spark even the laziest metabolism into action. But until now it's been difficult to find a plan based on those principles that are also simple to use.

Everyone's sick of diets, and this is not a diet. This is an easy, powerful way to change y/our body and your life.

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