You are never too young or old to test your memory

In the summer of 2016 popular Vietnamese born poker player William Vo finished in fifth place in the highly prestigious WPT Legends of Poker tournament. Hardly a staggering figure in the world of poker these days, but is so when you consider that Vo was 77 years old at the time he won the prize.  

Grandad and grandson testing their memories

Why playing the numbers on the free memory game works best. Life is getting easier in the 21st century, according to popular myth. Everywhere you look you can see evidence of the advances in communication technology that is evolving daily.

build your own memory game

Educational researchers are becoming increasingly convinced that a child’s brain can be almost fully formed by the age of five, just when they are ready to begin infant school.


Dreams are an important part of our lives. They can reveal things that affect us and even warn us of things to come. Interpreting them can be a challenge, however, since they are never literal in what they show.