You Are Only as Young (Or Old) as You Think You Are.

You are never too young or old to test your memory

In the summer of 2016, famous Vietnamese-born poker player William Vo finished in fifth place in the highly prestigious WPT Legends of Poker tournament.  

Hardly a staggering figure in the world of poker these days, but is so when you consider that Vo was 77 years old at the time he won the prize.  

A former teacher, Vo exuberated confidence and great joy of life during the tournament and endeared himself even more to not only the hundreds of poker players competing in the tournament, the fans in the crowd but all members of the senior community who were egging him on on television when he confessed when he picked us his six-figure check that the main reason that he took up poker after retiring was to keep his memory in active.

Through these achievements and words, William Vo set a tremendous example to his peers by competing and doing extraordinarily well in this tournament, one of the many that he has competed in before.

In the past, VO had picked up a few prizes before his big day, but none approached this scale. Never losing his obvious enthusiasm, William Vo continues to compete in online tournaments as he rapidly approaches his eightieth birthday.

Only an elite few members of the senior citizen community are liable to possess the mental and physical capacities to compete in a major televised poker tournament or other similar mental and physical challenges.

Most seniors will be prepared to set their sites considerably lower.

They want to enjoy still the mental stimulation of competing against friends and family, 

Companionship may be important to them than major cash prizes.    

They are equally entitled to enjoy the positive results of major advances in computer software technology, belying the majority view that internet savvy is the exclusive right restricted to those in their early teens up to the last of the baby boomers, in other words, those born in the immediate post-war years up their Nineteen Fifties.

On the other end of the scale, it is becoming increasingly common knowledge that the average infant’s brain is already fully developed around the age of five. This once almost inconceivable discovery means that young children, even before kindergarten age,  are capable of functioning conceptually, can remember facts and figures, and have a much larger vocabulary than first thought.

Parents of children of any age, as well as those who care for the well-being of the senior community, are absorbing this exciting fact.

Through the power of information technology, they can help their loved ones acquire the mental stimulation that will build solid foundations to help them in later life.

One of the latest and most important developments in software technology is a new app custom-designed to enhance the memories of people of all ages.  

All that is required to take advantage of this breakthrough is a smartphone, tablet, or computer and an internet link to access the free memory game.

What makes the free memory game so attractive is that players can custom design their own memory game by incorporating either numbers or images or a mixture of both.

Any permutation is certain to keep the player's attention and help them to develop their cognitive skills.

This memory game, which is totally free of charge,  is sweeping the internet thanks to its ability to allow players to custom design their own memory game by incorporating either numbers or images or a mixture of them both.

Those who have the best interests of their loved ones at heart can make this happen by providing them with the mental stimulation that only customizable memory games can bring.

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