How Customizable Digital Memory Games Can Greatly Enhance a Child's Cognitive Skills

build your own memory game

Educational researchers are becoming increasingly convinced that a child’s brain can be almost fully formed by the age of five, just when they are ready to begin infant school.

This increasing realization has begun to play a major part on how responsible parents have to prepare their children in the brave new world they are entering where the tablet and smartphone will play a major part, even at this very early age.

Encouraging a child’s cognitive development, the ability to develop structured thought processes, in particular, to develop memory.

Doing so will increase the child’s ability to identify and solve problems through concise and rapid decision making is a process that must be encouraged from childhood.

In the days before the internet, parents interested in developing their child’s memory from as early as possible were limited to simple and static board games or a pack of playing cards.  

Over the years board game developers began to develop and publish special card games specifically developed for children, more colourful and often with specific themes.  

Using these cards could be problematic, as they took up a lot of space and caused a lot of confusion.

Now thanks to the wonders of computer technology even an infant can test and develop their memories through a smartphone or tablet, either on their own or competing against siblings, friends or even their parents.

Infants enjoy a tremendous advantage when they enter into the computer world. They are totally free from the fear that gripped many people when they were first introduced to the computer world.

It transpires that the more open-minded the easier it is to enjoy living through a time when computer technology has become increasingly user-friendly.

Having said that a child of four or five will expect very little from a computer, once they grasp that instead of having to turn over a card or a page, all they have to do is click on a link and they will be hooked, and for life.

Parents and especially grandparents of children who have learned to embrace the benefits of the computer world will look like on in amazement, as this tiny person who not long ago was in diapers has now mastered a world that they may have taken them years to get the better off.

On the other hand, studies of behavioral patterns in young children show that younger they are, the shorter their attention cycle. 

This unbreakable cycle will invariably lead to a loss of interest in a particular computer memory game, and the benefits of honing the child’s memory may eventually be lost.  

Recent developments in software technology make it possible for parents to create individual memory games that will keep that will keep their child’s imagination stimulated.

This is done by creating individually tailored computer-driven memory games made up from images that the child will recognize from their home environment, or indeed any setting in which they feel comfortable.

Once parents begin to recognize a drop off in interest in one particular permutation, it will take them only a few minutes to set up another and possibly more challenging memory game to keep their child moving forward in developing their memory and cognitive skills.

It goes without saying that access to such technology will only be beneficial to all who, for health reasons, want to keep their memory as active as possible.

The same user-friendly tone technology can be rapidly adopted to create memory games for the elderly, made up from images from their past, such as such as places that have visited, the children or their grandchildren as well as friend and family members who may have passed on.  

Thanks to this breakthrough app driven memory game will be both fun and educational.

 Free memory games can be found online and easily and instantly downloaded.

They certainly represent one of the best investments you can make in building the foundations of your child’s education as well as ensuring that elderly members of your family will enjoy the mental stimulation that testing their memories through memory games will bring- and it won't cost you a cent.    

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