Play the Numbers with Your Own Personalized Memory Game

Grandad and grandson testing their memories

Why playing the numbers on the free memory game works best.

Life is getting easier in the 21st century, according to popular myth.

Everywhere you look you can see evidence of the advances in communication technology that is evolving daily.

Much as the positive effects are being clearly felt, more people are beginning to realize that taking advantage of these developments comes with a long list of unique challenges.

Near the top of that lists the creeping concern that too much time spent online surfing the web is causing more people to gain a kind of instant intellectual gratification with little or no time to absorb all of the information being literarily forced fed into their brain.

One of the first realizations what was that before the digital age people read books and newspapers albeit at a much slower pace. This pace allowed average passing all the time they required to assimilate information.

With the evolvement of the internet, changes have come.

Nowadays the amount of information available online is colossal, while the public does not have enough time to take it all in.

This has led to the development  of a  new syndrome that  has become known as

 “what we learned today we forget tomorrow “

Realization of this possible shortfall means that people have to constantly invest some time to refresh their memories and need to do so on a regular basis.

Following a regular memory refreshment regime means coping with the never-ending demands of being part of the internet revolution, which is becoming increasingly invasive.

Even simple things like a password need to be changed regularly,

With just about every public body reminding you through texts or emails that a password or subscription needs to be renewed- and also confined to memory.

While there is software available online that will computer or smartphone owners keep track of their everchanging passwords and log-in information they come at a cost- and a considerable one at that.

There appears to be a general consensus that being internet savvy is a privilege restricted to teenagers up to those reaching early middle age.   

Facts show that this is another version of “fake news”

Research showing that the average infant’s brain is already fully developed around the age of five. This almost sensational disclosure means that before they enter kindergarten, toddlers are capable of already remembering facts and figures, and even performing simple arithmetic and plating word games.

It is also important to take into account the vast army of senior citizens who deserve to enjoy the benefits of being online.  

Many of the people who have reached middle age and missed the start of the internet revolution want to get onboard.

They have come to realize that tapping the internet will allow them to access information and acquire mental stimulation that will make their days much more interesting.

That is now possible thanks to the latest developments in software technology has seen the introduction of a new app that will enhance the memories of people of all ages.  

To take advantage of this breakthrough all that is needed is a smartphone, tablet or computer

Add an internet link and you can access this wonderful memory game free of charge.

What makes the free memory game so attractive is that players can custom design their own memory game by incorporating either numbers or images or a mixture of them both.

Any permutation is certain to keep the player's attention and help them to develop their cognitive skills.

Those who have the best interests of their loved ones at heart can make this happen by providing them with the mental stimulation that only customizable memory games can bring.

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