Information Security Forecasts for 2020

Information Security Forecasts for 2020

Traditionally at the end of the year, most information service providers and solutions summarize the year and present their vision for the country of aggression for the next year. We will publish a selection of 10 predictions from IS buyers by 2020. Below is the box is a link to all the forecasts we found during the preparation process.

Top 10 Forecasts for 2020

1 There are 5 G attacks

According to Group-IB forecasts, the transition to 5G technologies will provoke a sense of urgency in the communications industry, as 5G's design opportunities will open up opportunities for new types of attacks on network providers. At the same time, the expertise of the Building Technology experts, in the transition period the existing networks will continue to use for calls and SMS, all weaknesses in their protection will be addressed to the participants. 5G for the long haul.

2 Deep fake development

With the development of artificial intelligence technologies and neural networks, hackers can create a wide range of information - deep, fake information that can be used to isolate biological markers and mislead people and other purposes. There will be a similar forecast across all reports, including Kasperksy, McAfee and Redware.

3 Increased supply chain attacks

The growth in supply chain attacks is forecast in 2019, and this forecast will not miss its usefulness. In fact, hackers attack hackers with the right code of software developers and spread them to victims. Trend Micro does not prevent 2020 that MSSP-providers can access the infection they are dealing with.

4 Growth of attacks using credential stuffing

According to experts in Parliament, multiple records of data produced in 2019 will involve the active use of this data for attack. Due to the large amount of data available, attacks and changes in data theft may be a more effective way of reminding hackers.

5 Attacks on devices and equipment, not windows-machines

The focus on cybercriminals is shifting from personal computers to IoT devices, network devices, cameras, drones and more. According to Avast forecasts, users will benefit from the understanding of software designed for these kinds of devices, which has problems with detection and storage, just like their Save the malicious code under Windows. With the growing popularity of smart devices, the face of IoT attacks is increasing.

6 Cloud Attack Growth

Migration to the clouds impedes new security. Corporate data stored in cloud services is a strong target for hackers as they can participate in code challenges such as flooding, code writing and SQL code, Micro forecasting.

7 The increasing complexity of attack Methods

Experts suggest that criminals are more likely to act in a more transparent manner. At McAfee said the possibility of switching to two-part players and starters. In the Kaspersky prediction that attackers attack data from non-standard hardware terms, e.g., via signal processing or Wi-Fi / 4G-compounds.

8 RDP attacks

In 2020, all types of attacks will increase with the RDP (Remote Button Desktop). Cybercriminals can be useful for vulnerable users with RDP, or exploit protocol vulnerabilities, depending on what is most useful for them, according to Avast.

9 Critical Infrastructure Attacks

The attacks are even more important in the critical areas - experts from Group-IB, Trend Micro and Chronicle agree. Spy on the industry, attacks using traditional software or attack, supply chain attacks - the options are different. The attacks are anticipated by the energy industry, industrial and life support systems, and government resources.

10 Cyber ​​Services Development for Sale

Service plans for sale are evolving, becoming more sophisticated and embracing the latest trends, say experts at Positolo Technology. For example, a topic becomes particularly popular when some of the racists break into the skull of companies entering the network, or when they sell it to other participants in the shadow market (for example services, "join as a service").

Piggybank 2020

Kaspersky Lab experts have released a model for developing vulnerabilities and attack strategies (art called multiple threats) by 2020. The identified trends indicate that there will be threats and more secrecy and focus, and the advent of new technologies such as machine learning and neural networks will take the complexity of cyber attacks to a whole new level. In particular, Kaspersky Lab assumes that in the near future there is a risk of valuable data such as B. Losing human biometric data. Users use personal information to help attackers improve technical techniques and better manage attack strategies, which increases their interest in other personal information. In addition, cybercriminals can use artificial intelligence to manipulate victims and create false information - so-called profound benefits that are widely discussed today.

Positive Technologies has published the report "Cybersecurity 2019-2020. Typical characteristics and perspectives". According to the researchers, large companies that investigate there IS risks will continue to pay attention to regulatory requirements, but will also need to put in place security measures to reduce their business. “Components of worrying forecasts when developing the cyber procurement system. In addition, attacks on personal devices, the risk of a 5G network starting up, phishing and malware entering the network. It is also important to take policy into account. US elections in 2020. We would expect cyberattacks to lead to a political crisis, an attempt to influence public opinion through the media.

Group-IB has published its annual report Hi-Tech Crime Trends 2019/2020, which contains key figures for 2019 and forecasts for 2020. Experts predict a threat to stability. In some countries on the internet, new problems are emerging with the introduction of 5G, changes in social networking methods and the spread of phishing, and attacks on the supply chain in the energy sector.

Avast gives its warnings for 2020 in the threat report. Avast experts say criminals will use smart tools to spread bad emails, with the mobile industry acting as a helper and focusing on IoT data. At the same time, the development of cybersecurity information will represent a new frontier for cybersecurity.

Fortinet has presented several areas that have been announced by a team of FortiGuard Labs experts for 2020 and beyond. Research has shown the mechanisms by which cybercriminals will work. It also explains the methods that companies can use to protect themselves from future attacks.

As planned for Splunk 2020, 5G will be the biggest change planned and will affect many companies in the near future as we look at new technologies. Completion of a new quality standard and a new business model. We will see a wider range of real data in the economy. It's easy to use languages ​​with smart applications and make decisions to find talent for managing economic risks. As with most technologies, the trick is to identify such incidents carefully and correctly.

The 2020 forecast in the McAfee threat forecast report continues to be used to not only personalize but also leverage, the spread of natural data and the phenomenon of its occurrence. The wrong picture eliminates public opinion and other crimes. Among other things, experts predict an increase in cloud security measures and the development of hacking attacks with ransomware in both areas.

Trend Micro has announced a new rule: Trend Micro Security Predictions for 2020, which provides security for 2020. Business experts say the threat of cloud computing will increase. This is an added benefit for companies that take advantage of the world and DevOps culture.

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