Finding Your Keys Isn’t Going to be a Worry Anymore with the Seekit Loop

Finding Your Keys Isn’t Going to be a Worry Anymore with the Seekit Loop

Left your keys behind at the store and are now cursing your luck? Or your beloved pet is out of your sight and you can’t seem to find where they are? Misplaced your speakers and are not sure how to listen to music or your audio files anymore? Yes, all of us, at some point or the other, have gone through these things. But what’s the solution here? How do you find your lost valuable with ease and without wasting  a lot of time? Well, Panasonic Seekit is here to answer all your queries. 

This Bluetooth key locator is a blessing if you have frequently experienced the situations mentioned above. Wondering how this is possible? It’s quite simple actually; all you have to do is read on to know how the device can bring you peace of mind and solace from the constant searching, like never before.

Do you require the Seekit Loop?

Well, if you are looking for a tracker that you can attach to the valuables you do not want to lose, the Seekit Loop should definitely be your companion. Honestly speaking, there is no one who will not benefit from this device that comes in the form of a keychain and makes use of the tag and connect options to find your lost belongings. However, do you really need this tracker? If you say yes to a majority of these instances, chances that you do are particularly high.

  • Do you happen to be a frequent traveler?
  • Do you own valuables you would hate to let go of?
  • Are you a regular visitor to malls and busy markets?
  • Do you recurrently misplace stuff around the house?
  • Do you commonly travel by public transport?

If you did nod your head to most of these questions, do yourself a world of good and get a few Panasonic Seekit Loops for you. It definitely helps to make life easier. 

How does this tracker function?

All you have to do is pair your Seekit Loop to the app. You can search for the app on Android as well as iOS. Once you pair the Bluetooth tracker to the app, you get a map on the app which offers you a description of where your belongings are. The device comes with features such as the:

  • Separation indicator that gives you an alert on your smartphone whenever you leave a valuable behind.
  • Crowd GPS takes the assistance of the Seekit community of app users to find the missing item
  • SOS alerts ensures you can send your location to three loved ones in case you are in danger
  • Last seen location helps you check where you last left your valuable
  • Proximity guidance takes you to your valuables in an assured way

Besides this, it also comes with features such as multiple alert modes, bi-directional tracking and a splash proof coating. You can also click pictures of yourself with the selfie button. So really, there are many things you can benefit from when you make use of this tracker. 

Interesting features of the Seekit Loop

If you think you already have a Bluetooth tracker, it most certainly won’t come with the list of cool features that make your life a little more hassle-free in nature. 

It is smart in every sense of the term

It gives you the ability to customize alerts and notifications and even makes it easy for you to locate your phone with the click of a button.  There is the proximity feature that offers you a ‘hold-cold’ idea of when you are near and far from your possessions. Besides this, the map mode ensures you do not have to try retracing your steps to find your belongings. 

It complements your outdoor lifestyle well

It is tiny and super slim enough to fit in almost anywhere. Other than this, it also comes with IP65 splash resistance that ensures it does not get affected by water and liquid. This makes it ideal for a day out at the beach and for the times you want to use it on your mountain bike and tennis racquet. Add to this its 100ft range and you don’t have to fret about leaving your gear anywhere while you take in the mesmerizing views.

It is conveniently practical

Besides being immensely useful, it is also conveniently practical. You can share access to your Seekit with a friend so that locating your stuff is easy. Besides this, the SOS mode brings you peace of mind knowing that alerting someone in case you are in danger is possible. The 18-month battery life ensures you can use it uninhibitedly for a long time.

So there you have it. The Seekit Loop is undoubtedly one of the best utility gadgets you can get your hands on. After all, it helps you find your keys effortlessly. 

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