What is and how VPN works (Virtual Private Network)

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The aim of this article is to help you understand the bases of the VPN world. Today is the first lesson in VPN: What is VPN? After reading this concise and accurate article you will know what a virtual private network is.  You probably won't know its exact function but you will have a general idea.  Okay, now stop talking to your neighbors, look here and let's get started.


A VPN - or otherwise Virtual Private Network - is a very important technology that is widely used from many internet users! It usually requires remote network users to certify and often secures data with encryption technologies to prevent the dissemination of private information to unauthorized third parties. Another important thing is that it reduces costs because it does not need a physical leased line to connect remote users to an Intranet.

The reason it was created is the army! As you can imagine, it was created for security reasons and so that no one can intercept conversations and data. Today it is used by many users who seek extra security in their connection. The main idea is that with the VPN the connection that goes on the Internet does not follow a random route like all to reach its destination but follows a separate channel. This way one cannot get in between and steal or hear information transmitted.

Now let's see exactly how it works.

First you have to understand that when a computer wants to communicate with someone else regardless of what it is doing, is to tell its router  "I want to contact IP x. x. x. x ".

Then the router tells the next router (probably in the provider)  "I want to contact IP x. x. x. x ".

This router is connected to another 10  (hypothetically speaking) depending on the region and each of the 10 has an IP range.

So he looks at exactly where the IP is and says to that router  "I want to contact IP x. x. x. x ".

The same goes for the next router, etc.

So, in general, it is almost random from which routers will pass the message to reach the final recipient. Here enters the VPN network where virtually does not select each router for him to send the message. A channel is created and there is a secure communication between them!

There are several VPN networks:

  • The protocols used for the traffic tunnel
  • The terminal point of the tunnel, that is, the client edge or the edge of the supply network
  • Whether they offer from a page-to-page or remote access connection
  • The security levels provided
  • The OSI layer that they present to connect the network, such as Level 2 or Level 3 circuits to the network.

More and more people are using a personal VPN, as more and more interactions appear on the Internet (purchases, sales etc). That is why there are so many options when it comes to VPN providers.


Some companies offer free VPN, and most require a subscription.  All of their networks are different and each has specific features (speed, simultaneous connections, firewall-firewall, cost, server location...).


Nothing is ever pragmatically free in this world... Companies can collect your data and your browsing habits or worse.  They can still sell your bandwidth (bandwidth), or use them for malicious software.  Using free VPN will cause a lot of problems, but now you're up to date: Use a free VPN at your own risk.

Summarizing with a VPN you can protect your data and your privacy and gain access to websites and content that is usually limited.

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