Trends That Will Shape Up the Alarm Systems in 2019

Trends that will shape up the alarm systems in 2019

Technology is constantly evolving and making a deep impact on various sectors. The home security industry is not left behind. The technological changes continue to affect the home security industry as well.  Every year, new trends can be seen in the alarm systems, making the system all the more effective and advanced.

Let’s take a look at the trends that will shape up the alarm systems in 2019: 

2 -way voice communication 
With this feature, the lines of communication will be opened directly between the home and the central monitoring station, enabling the transfer of important information immediately through a central control panel.

The issue of false alarms can be solved with the introduction of 2-way voice communication.  One of the most important benefits of using these systems is that the monitoring personnel will confirm about the presence of intruder before taking any action.

Crash and smart technology 
Smart alarm systems are equipped with crash and smart technology. Even if smart invaders try to disarm your alarm systems, the control panel will still work to provide protection.

Video surveillance  and live streaming 
A decade ago, there were only a handful of alarm systems with video features. But the scenario has completely changed now!
The modern home security systems comprise of a wide range of advanced video features.  Stealing and assaulting has become quite difficult with the introduction of these smart devices.

Modern alarm systems are equipped with high-quality security cameras to keep a watch on what’s happing in the house. These security cameras provide a clear and HD view, thereby improving video surveillance.

Live streaming is another feature which can be seen in modern alarm systems.  Motion-triggered cameras are also being used these days in order to send live alerts to the homeowners.

Security automation 
This is one of the most important features that can be seen in modern alarm systems.  With the help of a home automation system, you can control the activities in your home even in your absence. You can turn off the lights, manage the thermostat, activate or deactivate other electrical appliances with the help of your smartphone, tablets, laptop etc.  Thus, you can easily keep a track of activities occurring in your home even without your presence.

Latest alarm systems are based on the concept of Geo-fencing.  With the help of this technology,  the geographical boundary is created for automated arming/disarming your alarm systems. All you need to do is to schedule the alarm system and it will follow your instructions. 
There are different modes that you can set while setting up these kind of alarm systems.  You can work on ‘home’, ‘Away’ and ‘work’ mode according to your specific requirements.  The home mode is used for disarming the system.  You can even turn off the lights in this mode.  Away mode is used to arm the alarm systems.

Internet capabilities 
The integration of internet in home security systems is a new trend that can be seen today.  These internet-controlled devices can make your home safer and minimize the risks of burglaries, vandalism etc.

Experts predict that the trend of wireless alarm systems will prevail in the coming years due to the convenience and comfort they offer.

24-hour monitoring 
Modern alarm systems are battery powered, thus have a larger life span as compared to the conventional systems. They can even work in case of electric failures, heavy rain, floods etc.

Even the monitoring teams have become more vigilant and provide 24-hour monitoring to provide security to the home-owners.  When there is an alarm message, the monitoring team becomes alert and do the needful.

With the emergence of smart home innovation, home security systems have become more efficient and reliable. However, you need to pick the right kind of alarm system that matches your requirements.

These were some of the trends in the home security industry that you will experience in the coming year. 

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