How Much Does It Cost to Trim a Tree?

tree trimming service

Tree trimming can cost anywhere from $50-$1500. The reason for such a large range is the huge difference in the sizes of trees and the amount of work that needs doing.

In this article, we are going to break down tree trimming cost by size, as well as some other factors that add to the cost of tree trimming.

Small tree trimming

Any tree smaller than 5 m or 15ft. can cost between $50 and $350 to trim. Again there are some mitigating factors such as access and obstacles around the tree, but as a general price range, this is a good fit. 

See below for more information on what add to price and how to save money on trimming.


Medium tree trimming

A medium tree would be a tree between 5m and 9m (15 – 30ft). Or in real terms anything between one and two stories high. A tree like this would cost anywhere from $250-$600 to trim.


Large tree trimming

This would be any tree from 9m to 15 m (30 – 45ft.) and would cost you between $500 and $1500. Again the large range in price takes into account several mitigating factors which can add to cost which are outlined in the next section.

What adds to the cost of tree trimming?

- Access
- Location
- Obstacles
- Tree species
- Branch spread
- Type of prune
- Time of year

The cost to trim a tree in the backyard would be twice as much as it cost to trim the same tree in the front yard. This is generally due to poor access. 

What I mean by poor access is your arborist or tree trimming expert been unable to get their truck and equipment right next to the tree. This means branches that are removed need to be dragged larger distances through a gate and out the front for mulching. This takes time and manpower which can almost double the price of tree trimming.

Tip: Do your best to clear the way for the tree service to access the tree and this will drastically reduce costs. Make them aware you will be doing this BEFORE they quote the job.


Location and obstacles

Location and obstacles are also two more very large factors which will add to tree trimming cost. If your tree is overhanging the house or service power line, great care needs to be taken to make sure no damage is done. This takes time, skill and more specialized equipment, so the trimming cost will be more.

The same is also true if you have a tree in the courtyard with lots of obstacles such as pot plants and garden furniture. Doing your best to remove obstacles so your tree trimming experts have lots of room to move will again help to reduce the price of the tree trimming.


Species of the tree

There’s not a lot you can do about the species of your tree, but it will play a role in the cost of trimming. You can imagine that trimming some fronds off a palm tree will cost a great deal less than trimming very large limbs off an Oak tree.

There is no exact formula as every tree is different including its location, access, size, branch spread, and obstacles. The above price range though will give you an idea of what to expect and more importantly what adds to the cost of tree trimming, so you can do your best to mitigate those costs and get the best deal possible from local experts.

One way is to use the service such as Go Tree Quotes. They keep score in real-time of who the best price local tree services are, based on the votes of previous uses, and put you in touch with those companies. It’s a free service and worth a look.

A handy trick to save 20% before you even start

A handy trick to saving a minimum of 20% off your tree trimming cost is to engage a tree trimming expert in the cooler months such as autumn and winter.

Tree surgeons are very busy during spring and summer as a lot more people are out and about in the gardens looking to clean things up. During the cooler months there is a shortage of work, yet the same amount of tree services. Because of that companies are willing to give out discounted quotes in order to win work to get me through the winter.

If your tree trimming job is not urgent I do suggest waiting for the colder months before getting the work done.

I hope this has given you some insights as to what your tree trimming job might cost, and some handy ways to save money.

Best of luck with your tree job!

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