Everything You Need to Know About Astragalus

Everything You Need to Know About Astragalus

In its natural habitat, Asia, the astragalus plant thrives. Huang qi (yellow leader), as it’s known in China, is regarded as one of the most significant plants in Chinese traditional medicine. The yellow root, by which it got its Chinese name, is the portion of the plant that is utilized medicinally. Are you interested in learning more about this plant which is little known to the Western world? We will acquaint you with the amazing benefits of astragalus and how to incorporate it into your own healthy lifestyle. Continue reading to learn more.

It can boost your immunity

In alternative medicine, astragalus is often used to boost the immune system. Clinical studies reveal that astragalus not only stimulates the immune system, but also increases the activity, development, and function of immune cells (such as T-cells, natural killer cells, macrophages, and antibodies) in the body. Astragalus may be able to stimulate immunological cells from a state of slumber to a more active condition. Studies have shown an increase in macrophages (immune cells that consume foreign antigens to prevent infection) after astragalus use. The immune system's natural killer cells are also five to six times more equipped to take on foreign invaders. So, if you’d like to prepare your immune system for the battles to come, astragalus is a great choice.

It can improve your heart health

Astragalus may be utilized to treat a variety of heart disease problems. In theory, it might reduce blood pressure via a mild diuretic effect, as well as by relaxing blood vessels. Astragalus has also been shown to have cardioprotective properties, preventing the formation of plaque in the arteries and reducing artery constriction. Decreased triglyceride counts and blood pressure are also among this herb’s benefits. 

It can better your complexion

Amino acids are found in abundance in the astragalus root. Astragalus and its compounds are recognized to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that are helpful for skin health, according to scientific research. The anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and anti-wrinkle properties of astragalus are just some of the ways in which this herb may assist your skin health. Our body's ability to resist inflammation is greatly enhanced by the high polysaccharide content of the astragalus. In addition, it regulates blood flow in areas of the skin that have been damaged. These all work together to speed up the healing process resulting in exceptional skin. Dermatitis lesions may be improved by astragalus root extract, which also alleviates psoriasis symptoms by reducing skin redness and irritation.

How to use astragalus and where to find it

Nowadays, astragalus is available in powder, pill, and tincture forms. Choosing the appropriate form of astragalus depends on your health issues and your lifestyle. Traditionally, astragalus is prepared as a decoction in Chinese medicine. Usually, the root is boiled in some water and then strained. Other herbs are often a part of the recipe, depending on your condition. Some experts suggest just sprinkling a few bits of raw astragalus into your cup of tea or other hot beverage. You’ll be happy to know that it's acceptable to use it every day as a part of your tea-drinking ritual. When using it for medical reasons, always visit a doctor of Chinese medicine before. They will know which exact form of astragalus will bring the best results. They may even treat you with some other herbs in combination or without astragalus if the doctor decides it’s better suited for your condition. 

Important precautions

In traditional Chinese medicine, because they may result in stagnation and "fuel" the sickness, tonic herbs like astragalus are not recommended when someone has a fever or autoimmune disease. Furthermore, astragalus should not be taken by people who are expecting a child or nursing. If you are currently taking any medicine and considering taking astragalus, seek medical advice or consult a pharmacist to ensure there are no complications.

Astragalus is a super-plant with many benefits to your health and immune system. From improved circulation to glowy skin, astragalus is used for many reasons. No matter how you incorporate it into your routine or what your health concerns are, don’t forget to consult with a medical expert before you experiment with this supplement. 

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