Petrol or Electric Lawn Mowers - Advantages and Disadvantages


In the past, a lawn was mowed by hand. That was very tedious and also took a lot of time. Many gardeners and garden owners today indulge in luxury and buy a lawnmower.

Before buying, you should carefully consider whether a petrol or electric lawnmower is best for your garden. Both variants have their advantages and disadvantages. When making a purchase, one should always consider the size of the lawn that needs to be mowed.

How nested and angular is the lawn to be mowed? Are there many paths and beds that interrupt the lawn? An outside socket should be available for electric lawnmowers. Otherwise, it would be difficult to use an electric version. The question of the parking space must also be clarified before buying. Many lawnmowers require sufficient space. The floor space should be dry and clean. Learn more about lawnmower from Machinery Geek.


Advantages and disadvantages of an electric lawn mower

The main advantages of an electric lawnmower are its volume and consumption. Unlike a petrol engine, an electric lawn mower does not consume fuel or oil. Most electric lawn mowers can be started quickly and easily. Especially if the garden is in a densely populated area, it can quickly lead to trouble with the neighbors if the lawnmower is too loud. 

Another advantage of electric lawnmowers is their lightweight and compact size. This is particularly advantageous because there is often not enough space in the shed.

A light lawnmower is easier to attach to the wall. Due to its lightweight, the device can be transported at any time. On the other hand, if you take a look at the disadvantages, you immediately notice the cable lying around.

A cable can quickly become a trip hazard when gardening. Also, the gardener must always be careful not to run the lawnmower over the cable. This can lead to a short circuit. Once the cord is damaged, the lawnmower should no longer be used. It needs to be repaired, which costs a lot of money and time.


Advantages and disadvantages of a petrol lawnmower

A big advantage of petrol lawnmowers is their flexible use. A petrol engine can be used in the entire garden as you don't have to worry about the location and position of the cable. The engine is powered by gasoline, which means that electricity can be dispensed with entirely.

Many petrol lawnmowers are also light in weight. The handlebar, as well as the cutting height, can be individually adjusted like an electric lawnmower. Of course, there are also some disadvantages with gasoline engines.

Already at the start, you have to use some force because a line has to be pulled. If the lawnmower does not start immediately, the starting technique must be used a few times.

When the lawnmower has started, it is particularly loud. In terms of cutting performance, there are no advantages or disadvantages to an electric lawnmower. Both devices can be adjusted to your own needs.

A petrol lawnmower uses petrol and oil. This fuel must be added before every lawnmower.


Which device is better suited for your own needs?

Electric lawnmowers are usually a little cheaper than a gasoline engine. They are low-maintenance and environmentally friendly. On the other hand, these devices can often lead to difficulties when the grass grows too high. Gasoline engines, on the other hand, are very powerful and more compact. But they are a bit louder and require more maintenance.

Which device you ultimately decide on depends primarily on your own needs. Often, buying a lawnmower with a mulching function is very useful.

The mulch can be used to protect the lawn or beds from weeds. Regular mulching will make the lawn much greener and healthier. Even places that were previously a little lighter are covered with more lawn.

Every lawn needs regular maintenance. Anyone considering purchasing a new lawnmower must first think about which drive the new lawnmower should have. You can choose between electricity, battery, petrol and manual operation.


Weigh up the advantages and disadvantages carefully

Hand-operated lawn mowers are available at an affordable price. But mowing the lawn with them is very tedious and exhausting. Mowing the lawn with petrol or electric motor, on the other hand, is much easier. The lawn is mowed in a very short time and looks neat.

For the correct selection of the lawnmower, the nature and size of the lawn area are decisive. If there is no power connection on the outside surface, a petrol lawnmower is the better choice.

But if you need a device that works quietly and reliably, you should use an electric lawnmower. If necessary, a cable with an extension cable can be used. When buying, you should always pay attention to the correct size of the device.

Electric lawnmowers also typically require significantly less maintenance. An oil change is not necessary here. Cleaning is also very easy with electrical devices. You only have to make sure that the device is not connected to the mains.

Otherwise, it could be started accidentally. With all devices, care should also be taken to ensure that there are no children or pets on the lawn when the lawn has to be mowed. Most lawn mowers are equipped with a start/stop function to stop the lawnmower within seconds.

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