What's The Best Lawn Mower For Your Garden?


A lawnmower is an extremely important piece of equipment for maintaining a garden. Find out which lawn mower is best for your yard and make maintaining your lawn a fun and exciting activity.

There are different types of lawnmowers on the market and it is very difficult to choose one among the others. To choose the best lawn mower for your garden, the following aspects must be known and considered:

Types of lawn mowers

The first step in purchasing a lawnmower is to select the type of lawnmower that is best for your garden. From the various purchase options available to you, you can choose between a manual lawnmower, gas, batteries, or electricity.

Electric lawn mowers

Electric lawnmowers have the major disadvantage that a cord connected to the socket is required to work, which makes their use impractical for people with excellent characteristics.

If you choose to purchase an electric lawnmower, please note that an extension is required that is long enough to plug the lawnmower into an electrical outlet. Be very careful when maneuvering the electric lawn mower so that it does not run over the electric cord.

On the other hand, it should be noted that one of the great advantages of an electric lawn mower is that it does not require minimal maintenance and is environmentally friendly.

Battery operated lawn mowers

The main disadvantage of battery-powered lawnmowers is that they only last 60 to 90 minutes. Other batteries must be available for a cleaning process that takes longer. In the long run, this type of lawnmower can be very expensive because the batteries used are expensive and need to be replaced regularly.

Gas lawnmower

Gas lawn mowers are usually more expensive than other lawnmowers. They are a type of lawnmower that needs topping up when needed and whose maintenance requires regular maintenance. Of the lawnmowers available on the market, the gas lawnmower is the loudest to operate. It is therefore advisable to use hearing protection during operation.

Manual lawn mower

Manual lawn mowers are those that require greater physical exertion to cut and mow a specific lawn. These are very useful lawn mowers for anyone who has small gardens and flat lawns. These are without a doubt the most economical and environmentally friendly lawnmowers.

Choose between a push or self-propelled lawnmower

Another differentiator when choosing a lawnmower is whether it is pushing or self-propelled.

The self-propelled lawnmower

If you are not a lot of work in the maintenance of your garden want to or if it is very steep, you should opt for an automatic lawnmower that is self-propelled. This type of lawn mower does almost all of the work on its own, saving effort and energy. It is noteworthy that this device is the most expensive among the others, and this greatly affects the purchase.

Push the mower

Pushing a lawnmower requires more physical exertion because you have to push it to maintain a lawn. On the other hand, they are more economical than the others and therefore very popular on the market.

Know the radius of a lawnmower's curve

The radius of the curve that a lawnmower makes is one of the elements that must be considered before buying. Lawnmowers have a certain radius when bending, which is extremely important for cutting grass in the most difficult and uneven terrain. The smaller the radius of a lawnmower's curve, the easier it is to cut the grass around trees and shrubs.

Choose the knife width of a lawnmower

Lawnmowers have blades of different widths that determine the amount of grass that is cut immediately. There are lawnmowers for all tastes and sizes, so you need to choose the width of a blade according to the length of your lawn. The width of a blade varies between 50 centimeters for the smallest models and 185 centimeters for the larger models. The larger the blade of a lawnmower, the faster a garden will be maintained.

Lawnmower with a bag for your grass clippings

Some lawn mowers have their own pockets embedded in the back or sides. These have the task of collecting the cut grass so that it does not spread in the garden. This is undoubtedly a very important accessory for tidying up, organizing, and cleaning a lawn. However, other types of lawn mowers guarantee a cut so thin that the cut grass is used as fertilizer for the lawn itself. Currently, cut grass is widely used to make organic manure because it is loaded with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other nutrients that are essential to the health and growth of a strong and healthy lawn.

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