Garden Raised Beds: What You Must Know Before Buying

large raised garden beds

Raised beds need money and forethought. To avoid additional expenses and frustrations, you want to get things right the first time. If you're planning to build a raised bed garden or are just thinking about it, there are a few things to think about before you get started.

Raised beds come in various materials, from aluminum corner kits to entire raised bed kits made of cedar, composite wood, recycled plastic, and galvanized steel. For no-bend gardening, elevated raised beds are another option.

What size raised beds should you buy?

You can double the length of your arm and remove 6 to 8 inches if your bed is accessible from both sides. That's about the most distance you can comfortably reach. This implies you'll have beds that are between 3 and 4 feet long.

The length, on the other hand, is a different matter. Long raised garden beds with few trails make watering easy, but you don't want it to be too difficult to travel. The most common lengths of raised garden beds are 6, 8, and 10 feet. Large raised garden beds are in demand.

What is the finest material for growing in raised beds?

Wood, plastic, and galvanized metal are all popular materials for raised beds. In regions where freezing and thawing cycles occur, wooden frames are more prone to altering form. Another standard option is galvanized metal beds, which, like hardwood beds, may deteriorate over time. However, keep in mind that heat and drainage are essential considerations. Livestock troughs are a popular choice, but they must have many drainage holes in the bottom. So that you don't drown your plant roots, that moisture will require a way to leave.

How much sunlight is required?

Most veggies require at least eight hours of whole light every day for optimal plant health and output. The more sun you get, the better, so put your garden in the brightest section of your yard. Therefore set up and location is crucial.

What type of soil do you need?

Garden beds that are raised above the ground are known as raised garden beds. As a result, it's critical to use a more absorbent soil mix to retain water and nutrients. The single most crucial component of a successful garden is excellent soil. Raised beds provide you an instant advantage over a traditional garden since you may fill it with a soil blend that is superior to the natural soil in your area.

Depending on what type of crops you want to plant, you can modify the soil with more minerals and nutrients. Your plants' roots will develop freely in loose soil that is rich in nutrients and organic materials.

What to plant in a raised bed garden?

Gardening on a raised bed is all about getting the most out of your plants. The aim is to grow as much food as possible while avoiding the urge to cram too many plants into a small space. Because of inadequate air circulation and competition for water, nutrients, and root space, overcrowded plants never attain their full potential.

Is fertilize important?

To maintain your plants healthily and productive, you'll also need to fertilize them. At planting time and again in the middle of the season, we recommend using a granular, all-purpose organic fertilizer. You'll also need garden cloth (row coverings) for transplanting and frost protection, as well as plant ties and a watering wand or can. See all of our raised bed garden items for more inspiration. You should add compost to your soil as you prepare it for the year, to each row or planting hole, and as a top dressing or mulch around halfway through the season.

How often is the water required?

Using your hands is a superb method to keep track of soil moisture. It should feel gently wet when you stick your finger into the dirt. Don't allow the soil to dry up entirely to maintain your plants healthily and fruitful. If the plant's delicate root hairs die, it must focus its energy on regrowing them rather than producing fruit. Water-stressed plants can also grow bitter and harsh.

What is the state of environmental conditions?

Suppose the chosen location is in an area where there is some runoff during heavy rain. Consider how runoff will affect your raised garden bed’s construction or integrate a means for the runoff to flow around the garden area.

Consider pre-made kits or not?

There are kits on the market that are simple to assemble and require little time or money. If you have the time or interest, there are also do-it-yourself choices. You may buy one of the easy-to-assemble kits on the market if you don't have the time or resources to gather the essential components for creating a raised garden bed from scratch.

When should I use a ready-to-assemble kit?

A ready to assemble kit is the best choice for your circumstances if you need your bed to go together fast or have a large raised garden bed if you don't have the skills or room to build your own also if you require a long-lasting plastic or hybrid system that's easy to clean and transport.

Let Us Wrap It

Whether you choose a large raised garden bed or any other, raised gardens are a gratifying way to cultivate your food without putting your body through physical effort. Whether you know your way around a toolbox or don't, there are kits on the market that are simple to assemble and require little time or money. Avoid putting anything in your beds that might contain weed seeds like unprocessed manure, unfinished compost, etc. Using landscape fabric at the bottom of your bed isn't essential.

Raised beds allow you to maintain control over the health of the soil in which your plants are grown. There are several factors to consider when deciding if raised beds are the best solution for your garden. You will undoubtedly make a better selection if you consider the factors mentioned above.

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