How to Make Your Baby's First Birthday Special

Your baby’s first birthday is undoubtedly one of the most special occasions that calls for celebration. It is a significant milestone of your baby’s life as well as one of the most important landmarks of your life as it marks the completion of one year after the little nugget has walked into your lives.

But the organising the first birthday party involves a lot of financial and emotional stress. From arranging the guest list to decoding the theme, from arranging the menu to picking the right dress, it’s such a huge task that many parents feel that the child’s first birthday is more of a wedding reception than anything else.

So here are some tips that are bound to prove beneficial as you organise your child’s first birthday. These tips will help you to juggle the snacks and themes, the unpredictable schedule and mood of the toddler and the guests appropriately. Thus, these let you organise a successful birthday party without any stress.

Plan the Birthday According to the Baby’s Schedule – You should plan the party in a way that it lasts an hour or maximum a couple of hours. Babies tend to have a short span of attention and they tend to run out of interest and energy quickly. You should plan the party for late morning or afternoon. This way you can plan the party pre or post-nap when the baby isn’t tired.

Thoughtful Invitations – You can decide the invitations based on the theme of the party. Or else you can get a personalised card with the baby’s cute face attached to it. You can have him or her hold a sign that says “It’s my birthday! Please join and make it memorable.” There are a plethora of online shops available that will help you personalise or design the invitation cards just the way you want.

Keep the Guest List Short – To prevent your baby from getting overwhelmed you should keep the guest list as short as possible inviting in only a handful of friends and family. This will also help you to keep your costs down which is an added perk in this case.

Set the Theme – You should pick a theme according to what your baby loves. It can be his or her favourite cartoons or animation characters like Elsa or Snow White or Superman or Thomas the train or Mickey Mouse or anything else. You can also set a theme according to his or her favourite game or sports, too. At the end of the day just keep him or her in mind while setting the theme.

Keep it Simple with the Décor and Accessories – It is a great idea to plan the party in details. But don’t go much deep in the décor as the birthday boy or girl won’t remember much about it. So take into account some of the most vital accessories. For example, if the theme is Spiderman then the major accessory can be the mask or the spider webs. You can also go for party hats and posers for going with the theme.

Keep the Foods in Mind – Ask your guests if they are allergic to any kind of food. You should keep it as simple as possible. Graham crackers and chopped fruits are great for kids. The adults will also enjoy this food to the core. Healthy finger foods are great for your baby’s first birthday. So try to include that.

Great Return Gifts - Party favours are essential for every party. On the basis of the theme, you can plan them. You can also provide personal souvenirs that are also quite loved by everyone. Think of thoughtful return gifts so that the gifts can bring a smile to your lips whenever they lay their eyes upon them.

The above are some of the tips that if you keep in mind will help you to organise your kids’ first birthday party without any stress and in a great way that everyone will remember for all the right reasons. These are advised by the professionals of a reputed event organisation company who have been in this industry for many years now and have organised a number of successful events.

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