How Do You Wish a Happy Birthday for Your Daughter?

wish a happy birthday

Nothing is more special for a dad than his daughter. She is the lifeline of your life. You are about her. You just want to make her happy and that’s why you are the best dad in the world. Daughters are also a precious gift from the god. Sometimes, she hates, loves, and cares for you. Being her father you are feeling proud and on her special day, you just want to make it memorable with the best Birthday wishes for a daughter from dad.

It doesn’t matter your daughter is turning her age to 5th or 25th, her birthday is always special. Because that day you have received a lovely princess in your hands for the first time, and that may be the turning point of your life too. You have become a more caring, possessive, loving and great husband and a father too.

If you have thrown a big party for her, and to make it very special your birthday wish must be unique that you haven’t listened to before. As fast she is growing, all the memories from her birth to her present age, are amazing and give flood in your heart that your daughter is big now.

Well, as a caring father, your daughter may not always be grown with your love only. You may punish her too on her mistakes. But her birthday is the day when you can say to her how much you love her and why you are so protective, right? So, to make her happy and her day so special, we have shared emotional and inspiring birthday quotes for daughter.

For younger Daughter’s

The given birthday wishes you can share on social media or tell her in while partying. Well, on the internet, you may find 1000+ birthday wishes for daughter from mom and dad, but what you want to say is only in your heart. You can start with the following wishes:

  • Have fun, my lovely little princess! Today is the big day of your life and mine too. {Your message} then enjoy will great fun and play.
  • Feeling proud as a father of my sweet little daughter. Today she turns 10 years old, May you live long.
  • You are naughty, but sweet too. A love for my daughter will never stop. Thank you to have in my life. I love you my little.

For Teenage Daughter’s

Make your wish sweet and simple with a lot of love and pride. The wishes may like:

  • Feeling so proud to have you in my life. You are such a best daughter in the world. I hope you will enjoy the new year of life with some love and happiness.
  • My little princess, you are everything to me. Papa loves you and wanted to make you happy always, keep smiling.
  • You have completed me as the father. Have a wonderful day my sweet darling. I wish you a great Happy Birthday!

For Daddy’s girl

If everyone knows your daughter as daddy’s girl so the wish should come from the heart as like:

  • From the moment you were placed in my hands, you just nuzzled in my heart. I love you more than you think. I wish you a big Happy Birthday!
  • I know you are a lovely daughter, a caring person, and a smart girl, but for me, you are always a little one. Lots of love.

For Independent Daughter’s

For father, her daughter is always little whether she is independent and successful in her life. Say her happy birthday with the wishes like:

  • From your school days to your office journey, you have always been a smart girl. I would pray to God to give you all the happiness that you deserve. Happy Birthday!
  • You have grown up beautifully and deserve the great year ahead.
  • Having fun and play with you is always the best time of my life. I hope we will do lots of things more together.
  • How much is good to have you in my life, my sweet little friend and daughter

Final Thoughts

Having a daughter in your life is always the best feel, and it becomes overwhelming when she is your friend. Sharing good memories always melt your heart when you remind that time. So, have fun and love your daughter as she deserves. Also, keep in mind money cannot buy happiness, Gift her which she feels forever.

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