How to Choose the Best Baby Monitors and What Are the Benefits?

Baby Monitor

Is your current baby monitor driving you nuts? The job of a baby monitor is to make your life as a parent easier. So you get a good night’s rest and so does your baby. And there are many ways in which a baby monitor can go wrong. 

What’s the solution? A new baby monitor can be bought but you can’t stay away from a fussy and sobbing baby. So it’s time to look for something that does suit all your needs. Besides, there are plenty of the best baby monitors out there. 

Features like wireless connectivity, HD video, instant playback, or live updates. You can choose what’s most essential for you in a baby monitor. No more rushing to see if your baby is caught in something when she fusses or cries or screams for you. Let the monitor spill the beans first. 

How to Choose a Baby Monitor?

It’s harder to decide on a baby crib than it a baby monitor. I can’t tell you how many different types of baby monitors there are. Some are accurate enough to allow you to control the room’s temperature setting. Such features make night vision and HD video recording seem ordinary.

Brands like Snuza, Owlet, Angelcare, or Infant Optics are more capable options. Baby monitors from this range boast of excellent battery, quality, volume, and sensors. It can calculate your baby’s breathing, movement, sleep cycles, etc. 

Frequency Technology

With frequency range, a baby monitor is just like a video or audio recorder. It won’t transmit anything to any other device. The frequency range of a high-quality baby monitor features something called DCET technology. Using 2.4 GHz frequency bands that make it signal ready.

Think of your baby monitor as your telephone. It must have seamless and cordless transmission to send and receive signals. However, some parameters define a good baby monitor from a bad one. 

And that parameter goes by the name of ‘transmission’. The transmission is the clarity and accuracy of the frequency. If you have an audio and video baby monitor, is there any static or crossing?

You must keep other electronic devices on a different frequency band. This is true for non-wifi baby monitors. So if your baby monitor is a 2.4 GHz, make sure no other electronics in the house are. This improves the quality and smoothness of the wireless connection. 

In a wifi baby monitor, the fact still stands. To avoid cross-talk, the frequencies must be different than the baby monitor. Devices with expert DCET technology ensure smooth, distortion-free, and clear transmission.

Battery Life

You get corded and cordless battery preference. And the device you get the video on is most likely battery-powered. Most high-quality monitors, like these, burn through batteries at a slow speed.  

What do you think is best? To recharge your baby monitor using a power cord. Or do you prefer refilling batteries as soon as the power runs out? 

The average battery life of a baby monitor goes up to 24 hours. Add-ons like a low battery indicator and adaptive charging make a huge difference. This affects the monitor’s overall battery life.  

Wifi vs. Non-Wifi

Any gadget with a seamless internet connection feels like an exciting proposition. But how efficient is a baby monitor with a wifi connection? 

Traditional baby monitors come with receivers. You set up the baby monitor in the baby room. And you can carry the receiver along with you to see what’s happening in that room. But the thing is baby monitors and receives have limited range. Some receivers function within 300 to 500m range from the baby monitor. Beyond that, it loses function. 

This is where wifi baby monitors trump traditional models. With wifi, you’re connected everywhere. Be it in the next room, the hall, the backyard, your office, or someplace else. Wifi baby monitors give you accessibility from everywhere. 

But this has certain drawbacks too. What if the internet stops working? What if your internet data plan cannot support the baby monitor? Open wifi connection leaves you at the risk of hacking. You must weigh-in all these factors when choosing a baby monitor for the first time. 

Why Do I Need a Baby Monitor?

The benefits of the best baby monitors are easy to relate to if you have a baby at home. It not only acts as a security camera for your baby’s room. But it’s also a good way to ensure the safety of your children when you’re not around. 

For it’s as good and helpful for sleeping as it is for babysitting. If there’s anything that new parents want for their baby, it’s their peace of mind. You don’t want to keep walking into your baby’s room especially when it’s nap time. 

So to know if your baby is alright, the best baby monitors are necessary. With indicators and sensors, they will alert you if something is wrong. What could go wrong? Well, lots of things. And as parents, having live footage of your sleeping baby is comforting!

The best baby monitors allow you to track sleep, temperature, heart rate. But these are specialized features that will probably cost you more. Even the basic features such as an app and HD recording are worth the shot!

Final Thoughts

You never have a miss a moment you wish you could be a part of. Such as your baby’s first steps or the first time your baby sleeps all through the night. And thanks to the best baby monitors, you now have that on tape! 

Baby monitors are easy to use and maintain. They install in a jiffy. Just make sure they’re out of reach – you can install one on the wall for a full room view. Some connect to a single receiver or multiple receivers. And some are completely wifi-driven. So you can access it from anywhere. Be it at home, office, supermarket, or car. 

Good range, video/audio quality, and battery life are key essentials. They enhance and elevate the performance of any baby monitor. And if you want to go the extra mile, opt for advanced motion sensors. Responsible for tracking heart rate, breathing, and sleep patterns.

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