How to Be Happy As a Mother?

Happy Mother

Life can be fantastic, but being a mum can be hard. These tips will help you increase your happiness as a mother.

1. Do Things You Enjoy

Now that you have kids, it’s highly likely that the activities you did before becoming a mother, don't exactly fit with your current lifestyle. However, all parents need to do things that make them feel happy even while taking care of their children. I enjoy playing the piano and my daughter usually listens to what I play. She even tries to play herself and create her music! Also, we like to go to basketball games, and we also go to women's basketball games at the local college.

So, when you find things that you like to do, it can help to make you happy, even if it’s just a simple 30-minute break where you read a good book or listen to a cool podcast of any good clarity clinic.

2. Get New Friends

The majority of parents usually make friends with the people and families that are similar to them, such as the parents at school as well as online parental groups. However, you should always look to find people who are similar to you and have things in common or at least things that are relatable. You should strive to make friends where you're not just talking to each other’s kids but rather friends that mesh well with your personality.

3. Learn New Things

If you have a special needs kid, then you need to keep your mind active. There are lots of things to learn about special needs and you should strive to become an expert so that you can advocate for them. This will ensure that you have more power over your life and can truly help your child.

4. Don't Judge Yourself

Most parents often think that they aren't doing enough when it comes to raising a child that has special needs. The worst thing you can do is compare yourself with other people and parents. Instead, just do the best that you can do and be happy that you're doing so.

5. Don't Pay Attention to What Isn't

Even though many things are difficult to do with your family, you shouldn't focus on what could have been or what if's in your life. It is best not to dwell on these things as they serve no purpose and instead, you should keep your eyes forward on the future.

6. Automate As Much As Possible

You should strive to automate chores and just about everything possible. For example, you can pay your bills automatically as well as auto-pay your recurring expenses, etc. This is important so that these things don't take up your time so that you can use your time to do things you want to do and enjoy doing.

7. Avoid Unhappy People

If you have a lot of unhappy people in your life such as complainers or negative people then you should try to get rid of them. Now, this doesn't apply to people you see in person but also on Facebook and other social media. I also do this when it comes to particular healthcare workers as well as coworkers. For example, if we visit a doctor who provides psycotherapy service that says that my special needs child will never be able to do a particular thing, then we stop visiting that doctor.

Also, if you have casual friends who are always negative or constantly say that you're ruining a good time, then you should know that they aren't real friends. When it comes to co-workers, once they are always complaining about how terrible their personal lives are, then they too get the boot!

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