How To Battle Depression And Win

Combating depression

Depression is a persistent feeling of low self-esteem, worthlessness and physical fatigue for a prolonged period that may ultimately lead to suicidal thoughts. In today’s day and age, with rising levels of stress, millions around the globe are potentially suffering from depression. The good news is that depression can be tackled through a combination of medicine as well as a change in lifestyle. Here are some ways this can be done.


Depression is curable like most other diseases


Do you get nervous or stressed out when you get the flu? No? Is that because you know that if you take your medicines and adequate rest you will be cured? Well, the good news is that just like other physical diseases depression can also be tackled through medicine along with a host of other measures. Let us now examine what are the symptoms of depression.


Symptoms of depression


Every human being goes through phases when she feels tired, jaded, low and feels a general disinclination towards being sociable. This is actually extremely common. However, when these feelings persist for days on end and then continue for weeks then that is a sign that all is not well. People around us question us and try to find out the cause of such depression. Sometimes there is no apparent discomfort or want that leads to depression. There are people who are doing fantastically well both personally as well as professionally and are placed very comfortable financially. However, they are depressed. In general, the loss of a loved one, financial stress along with matters of the heart are the top three causes of depression. When a generally voluble person suddenly becomes quiet that is often a telltale sign of a depressed spirit. So, what are the ways in which one can reverse the descent into the morass?


Turning the tide


In the battle with depression, it is essential to remember that the body and mind are intricately entwined with each other. When our mind is restless, our body develops aches and pains very often. Conversely, when we are physically suffering some ailment, it does not take our mind too long to get affected. In this ailment of the mind, it is absolutely essential to build up the resistance of the body. The best way to fortify the resistance of the body is through exercise. Exercise releases the pent-up negative energy of the body and helps the body and mind to exude positive vibes. An exercise regimen is a big help in the battle against depression. What other ways can one battle this devastating ailment?


Taking up a hobby


Taking up a hobby, preferably an outdoor one, can help one combat depression. Hobbies like gardening are considered by medical practitioners to be quite therapeutic. Even something as mundane as doing the dishes is considered therapeutic. Taking up a sport as a hobby can serve a lot of purposes. It can help one to exercise. It also helps one to interact with a lot of people. The more people one interacts with the more we get to know the myriad problems confronting each human being. Sharing one’s problems with each other can be helpful in taking one’s mind off the burden one carries. This can be a great stressbuster. There are also some other techniques one can use to battle this disease.


Reading inspirational books, listening to music


There are some really good motivational books along with biographies out there that one can read to get inspired. Reading autobiographies of successful individuals from a variety of fields can help one to understand that challenges can be looked upon as opportunities for growth instead of getting intimidated by them. Books like Dale Carnegie’s ‘How to stop worrying and start living’ are veritable guides on how one can practically overcome the most challenging of situations. Then there is music. Music has been certified for its therapeutic qualities. If one can take up playing a musical instrument or sing that is commendable. If not, one can also listen to inspiring music to cheer oneself up and find the true meaning of life.


When one is suffering from clinical depression there is no alternative to medicine in one’s fight. However, only medicines may not be enough to combat this disease. What is required is a change of lifestyle. If you can follow the above guidelines not only can you keep depression at arm’s length, you can also lead a richer and far more fulfilling life than before. Best of luck and never lose hope!

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