How to Deal with Bullies? 8 Useful Tips!!!


At many stages of life, everyone must have encountered bullies. You will find these 8 tips very useful in dealing with bullies

What is Bullying?

First, let us understand the true meaning of the word bully as there is no simple definition to it. Bullying can take place in any form, it could be verbal abuse, emotional abuse or physical abuse. No form of bullying is better than others, all bullying is bad and can damage one's confidence from deep within.

Why is being Bullied so Horrific?

Bullying can affect not only the body and mind but the soul of a person. Most of the victims of bullying blame themselves as they feel they are the ones contributing to it as they are not good enough for the world. Such people are often embarrassed about what is happening to them, so much that they refrain from reaching out to others for help. Such people can develop mental imbalance or resort to extreme steps like hurting themselves or suicide.

Who are These Bullies?

Bullies are people who suffer from insecurities and low self-esteem. They thrive when they can control others. They are basically narcissistic hence it is difficult to communicate with them and make them understand what they are doing is not right. 

How to Deal with Bullies?

1. Stand Up for Yourself:

Bullying is not ok so is being bullied. People bully others as they are timid and have low self-esteem, troubling vulnerable people makes them feel superior. When you stand up for yourself, the bully will take a step back and leave you alone because they are more afraid than you.

2. Practice Your Reaction to Bullies:

Bullied victims, in general, are taken by shock when they are attacked hence, they do not understand how to react. If you are constantly being bullied, to practice your reaction to bullying will help you be ready and confident to face these miscreants.

3. Stay Strong:

Do not let the bullies get to you. You need to stay strong mentally to fight against such people. If you let them get to you, you will be giving them the satisfaction they need. Do not reward these bullies for their actions instead try to stay clear headed.

4. Remember Self-Care is Important:

Remember to take care of yourself first as nothing else matters and bullying is their problem, not yours. Practice mind relaxation techniques and meditations to keep your emotions balanced. If you need any help with such situations, you can reach out to psychic chat rooms for free with talented psychics to help you gain more insight and clarity.

5. Know Your Tribe.

You need to find support as soon as possible to deal with being bullied. Some authoritative figure who can help you handle bullies if you are unable to do it on your own.

6. Find a Support Group:

Sharing with a group of people undergoing similar situations will help to deal with your emotions and you will not feel like the only one facing these issues. Experiences others share will help you give a direction to how you could deal with your situation and emotions as well.

7. Be Surrounded by Family and Friends:

In such a situation, people get emotional and lonely and tend to hurt themselves. Being surrounded by loved ones will boost your strength and their support will help you balance your emotions.

8. Meet a Counsellor:

Meeting a professional can really help you deal with all bottled up emotions as victims of bullying are like a ticking time bomb ready to explode anytime, Proper guidance from a professional can help you channelize those energies positively.

Bullying cannot be taken lightly, and it is a common problem many people face day to day. Remembering that bullies are also people who have their own insecurities which they reflect on you will give you the strength to confront them honestly hence getting rid of such bullies from your life for good. 

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