Homemade Detox Remedies: Your Healthy Guide towards Physical Fitness


We obsess over our weighing scale readings. People with flat tummies and thigh gaps are envied and epitomized. Society has turned us into fitness freaks, people who would go to any lengths to let us lose those extra pounds.  Millions have been made from ideas, some extremely misleading, sold to us. Slim pills, dieting, liposuction, hunger strikes all in the name of looking and feeling fit.

Here is the thing, for you to lose weight, you must keep tabs on your calorie intake. All these other ideas and theories are just gibberish. The internet is flooded with ridiculous articles offering guidance on ‘how to lose that tummy overnight,' that, my friend, is utter nonsense.

Detox, however, is a weight loss means that lots of people could vouch for. There are so many benefits to rip from this simple pocket-friendly method. Here is a well-thought-out list.

Benefits of using self-made Detox 

 A lot of people tend to give up on the method after trying it out for just a short period. Homemade detox solutions are different. That is, they will only be effective if you use them for an extended period, preferably not shorter than two months. This is because these detoxes only do away with the water instigated weight in your body.

Continuous use has, but is not limited to, the following advantages

Removal of toxins

Detoxes hasten the toxin removal processes in the liver and the colon. The functionality of these body organs is strengthened.

A boost to your immunity

Detoxes are nutritious. Vitamins, anti-oxidants are only, but a few of the nutrients that detoxes introduce into our bodies. These nutrients come a long way in fighting off fungal and viral infections. Homemade detoxes are also rich in minerals and phytonutrients. This, therefore, helps fight diseases such as anemia and vitamin A deficiencies.

A rise in energy levels

This is the reason why they help lose weight in the first place. When your energy levels are on the rise, your appetite levels are usually on the low. It, therefore, reduces your food intake which after that shrinks your calorie intake leading to weight loss.

Your brain functions much faster

There are times we feel so lazy and tired despite having not accomplished much within the day. An increment in your energy levels leads to increased brain functionality.

Reduce stress levels

The hormone cortisol is the stress indicant in our bodies. A diseased or dysfunctional liver is high in cortisol levels. As previously highlighted, detoxes help make our organs healthier. This results in the plunging of this hormone into our bloodstream.

A regulated yearn for food

Most of us think that cravings are all in our minds, that all we have to do to beat them is to make a healthy choice. If we only knew how wrong we were. Hormonal imbalances often result in cravings. Self-made detoxes help to reduce these needs.

The question should be, what are some of these home-brewed detoxes? Below is a list of drinks for the detox smoothie diet that will help you achieve those body goals faster than you expected, not in a day though.

Best Weight Loss Home-brewed Detox Drinks

Lemon beverage

A lot of people identify with these drinks. Nutritionists highly recommend it to those on a water diet. It is straightforward and quick to come up with the juice. All you have to do is to squeeze freshly bought lemons in a beaker. Go on to add cinnamon and cayenne pepper. If the mixture is too sour for your taste, then skip the last procedure and settle for slicing your lemon and soaking it in water overnight.

The cabbage broth and juice

 It is not as bad as you would imagine it to be. Blend peas, carrots, and cabbages to make the cabbage juice. For the broth bring to boil, cabbages, carrots, and onions. Someone is probably wincing at this, but hey, this is your best bet to lose those extra pounds.

Tea as a detox

Green tea is a people’s favorite. There are, however, other types of beverages such as ginger tea and dandelion tea.  Such tea is rich in anti-oxidants - popularly referred to as catechins. Your metabolism is also significantly improved by consuming this tea. 

Cucumber as a detox

This detox helps you shed the extra pounds. Blend the cucumber with fresh lemon for amazing results.

Cranberry beverage

It is a must-try for those who smoke or live around people who do. It aids in eliminating toxins brought about by cigarette smoke. The drink also helps in weight loss; this is through the conversion of those stored up fats into energy.

The magical salt-water mixture.

Add one or two teaspoons of water to form the mixture. The mixture should be drunk on a daily basis. You should, however, use hot or warm water to have all your salt dissolve into the water.

These drinks are somewhat interdependent. They will not work or bring out the desired results unless paired with the other. Choose the drink you like most and convert it into your daily beauty regimen, it always works.

Homemade Detox Cleanse that is best for you

This is highly dependent on what you aim to achieve with the detox. Green tea, for example, is best for people who desire to lose weight. How effective the detox is also dependent on how faithful you are to it, it is impractical to expect to see changes within a week.


These homemade detoxes will also not be as useful if you do not exercise healthy living. Stay away from junk foods and hit the gym once in a while. Additionally, these methods are not the best for those who wish to shed off a considerable amount of weight.

Although there is no need to consult your doctor while using the homemade recipes, it is essential for you too, if you notice any side effects such as severe diarrhea, seek medical intervention.

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