Good Co-Parenting Arrangements for Toddlers

Good Co-Parenting Arrangements for Toddlers

Divorce is a reality that knocks on many families' doors. If you are a mother and you are going through this problem, do not falter! Here are some tips on how to share parenting as separate parents.

Being a mom and a dad is not an easy task. Rather, it takes a lot of mutual support and collaboration for our children to feel protected. However, sometimes the differences between the spouses become irreconcilable and that is when the divorce occurs. Faced with this reality, separated parents share the upbringing of children.

When a couple of parents divorces, it begins a process that directly affects the little ones. Children face a terrible fear of losing one of their parents and feel that their family nucleus is disintegrating. For them this is a very difficult stage to understand. Therefore, it is appropriate to prepare ourselves to avoid mistakes in handling the situation.

Separated parents: reconciliation and respect

As mothers we must bear in mind that we are responsible for the upbringing of our little ones, but this does not mean that we should do it alone. One of the most arduous tasks is accepting the father's inclusion during the growth process. But remember that struggles will only bring concerns for our spoiled.

Although the differences with your ex-partner are important, we will have to learn to reconcile, leaving emotionality aside. Reaching agreements that benefit the co-parenting process will have a positive impact on the child's psycho-evolutionary development.

Determining where you will study, what your diet will be like, or making appropriate decisions regarding your physical and emotional health, are aspects that must be discussed and decided together. In this way the child can see a healthy understanding between the parties.

What should we avoid doing when we share parenting?

No guide teaches us how to be separate parents. This is more of a trial and error practice that responds to the child's characteristics.

Now, emotionality and lack of experience are some of the factors that make us constantly fall into terrible mistakes. For example, some adults place the child in an informant position, creating a breeding ground for major confrontations and confusion in the minor.

We cannot extract information about the other parent through the little one. Avoiding opinion matrices is saving you personal conflict shortly.

To speak ill of the father or the mother is another improper practice. Despite the feelings of anger that may exist between parents, the idea is to prevent children from becoming involved in the rivalry. Furthermore, in most cases, the effect ends up being contrary to the desired one. Children are more supportive of the part that doesn't insult.

Tips for co-parenting as separated parents

Being divorced parents does not mean being in constant competition for the love of the child. This means that we should not overdo it in giving them everything they want.

  • It is necessary to set limits since the affection is not obtained with toys and gifts, but with attention, affection, and patience.
  • Although it is very difficult, the ideal is for parents to maintain regular and respectful communication, to be aware of the child's progress and developments.
  • These conversations can also be used to make decisions about the child's well-being.

As mothers, it is essential to encourage the presence of the father and vice versa. Therefore, regular visits as a part for joint custody schedule should be agreed to share and create happy moments in the emotional memory of the child. For the shake of mental support, make a proper custody schedules for toddlers.

The child's well-being above all

Raising a child means offering all the necessary tools so that in the future they can be the owners of their actions. So we must be a role model, avoiding controversies and discussions in his presence.

The goal of divorce should be to create better settings for our children. Offer them an environment where discussions are not part of everyday life and calm reigns. The separation is precisely to stop fighting.

A divorce is a legal figure that ends the marital union. It does not mean the division of the children, nor the family. The task is to achieve the necessary consensus to share the upbringing properly.

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