Corporate Yoga: Teaching Stress Reduction And Yoga in the Corporate World

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A corporate job comes with a lot of stress which can take a toll on the health. Sitting for more than seven hours with your screens ahead can be menacing. The condition worsens when we don’t engage in physical activities. All that stress and lack of physical activity build several ailments. But yoga can help with stress reduction and shield the body from bad health.

As a yoga teacher, you too want your students to be fit, healthy, and relaxed. Being a corporate yoga teacher, the responsibility doubles up. So here are few tips for teaching stress reduction and yoga in the corporate world.

Not So Quintessential

Being a corporate yoga teacher or taking corporate yoga training class is not a cakewalk. As a teacher, we usually think that a corporate yoga session is just like another yoga class, but it is not. Offering yoga class in a work setting needs some modification in the teaching style and mannerism. A yoga teacher should consider EEO (equal employment opportunity)- they should not bring religion reference, point at someone’s injury or disability, or discriminate against sex (or pregnancy). Also, keep the practice common and mentally, physically accessible to all.

Craft Your Teachings

As we mentioned, that corporate yoga classes are not typical ones, so it is important for a yoga teacher to create their teaching as per the corporate setup. Corporate wellness covers many aspects, be it diet, physical activity, or mental well being. When it comes to crafting your teaching as per corporate settings, you need to understand the physical demand for their work or job. Certain corporate workers need more attention towards mental fitness and some need to work on their body. Hence, it is essential to design your classes accordingly.

Add Credibility To Your Teachings

If you want to grow more into the yoga teaching career, it is important to add credibility to your teaching. As a yoga teacher, one is advised to get a Yoga-Alliance certification and, to start with 200 Hour yoga teacher training course is best for you. This will majorly help you when you opt for corporate yoga class.

Go With Ease

At a workplace, you always don’t find who all are yoga enthusiasts or know a lot about yoga. As a corporate yoga teacher, your yoga training should be very basic and easy.  Teach them about stress reduction and concentrate on easy sequences which open chest, shoulders, and hips. Incorporate stretching exercises for wrists and fingers as permanently hunching on keyboards can be really tiring and harmful. A yoga teacher should focus on basic poses and postures which can easily be done in a corporate set-up. Chanting is something which won’t fit in a corporate setting, so leave it for the studios. Mediation is a great stress buster, so invest your time there.

Meet Student’s Demand

As a yoga teacher, it is important for you to fulfill the students’ demands, though you can’t cater to everyone on a private basis. Carry forward a common practice which benefits everyone. The first and the foremost requirement every corporate worker needs is stress reduction. All those deadlines, projects, time management, meetings, etc., gives a lot of stress and yoga is the way to manage it. You need to design classes that help eliminate stress and bring change in their life. As a teacher, connect with your students, discuss the class, take their feedback and most importantly be available for your students.

Yoga Techniques you can easily practice and teach at a workplace- Chair Yoga poses, Meditation, stretching exercises, Restorative Yoga, Pranayama Yoga, Standing asanas, and more.

Teaching yoga in a corporate setting is an amazing experience. It is one of the wonderful ways to step outside your studio and teach, a great way to work as a team, provide peace and harmony and build a better working place.

Yoga is the golden key that unlocks the door to peace, joy, and tranquillity. You, as a yoga teacher can help others to find that golden key.

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