Celebrating Freelance Writers Appreciation Week

National Freelance Writers Appreciation Week
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Do you work as a freelance writer? Celebrate, my colleagues, for this is our week--National Freelance Writers Appreciation Week.

Why should we not have a "week?" Teachers, construction workers, farmers, and medical professionals have days, weeks, or even appreciation months! Our profession is important, and I, for one, am glad to accept the due credit for my efforts.

If you had not previously heard of this celebratory week, you're in good company. Few people--writers included--are aware of the week. However, freelance writers can utilize this week as a touchpoint for marketing their services to their clientele in a meaningful way.

What can you do to invite your clients to celebrate the week with you?

Share the week in your weekly newsletter.

Do you send a weekly newsletter to your clients? A weekly newsletter offers you the perfect way to reach out to customers and keep them in the loop about what's going on with your business without always looking like you're asking for more of their money. 

While increasing your business is certainly your end goal, a newsletter softens your "ask" while providing your clientele with useful tips and inspiration.

This week, give our designated week a shout-out and promote your services at the same time. 

Build a banner for your weekly update that shares this week with your customers. Be sure to create an email headline that creates curiosity in your followers' minds and beckons them to click to read your content. 

Shout out on social channels

Do you use social media for marketing your business? For me, it's often challenging to come up with social content. I frequently feel like I used up all the good ideas on clients! 

Social media marketing is one of the most affordable ways you can market your writing services. While some people say it's the "easiest" way, it does take careful thought, planning, and creativity. Easy, no. Effective, definitely so!

While it can be challenging to come up with social content, National Freelance Writers' Appreciation week provides perfect fodder to craft a week's worth of posts to use across all your social channels. 

When you share these, be genuine and appreciative of your clients.

Open up and share with them why you became a freelance writer. Explain to them some of what you do behind the scenes that they might now know about (hours of diligent keyword research comes to mind). Or, simply express your gratitude for their ongoing support as you build your business.

Be sure to network with other writing pros

Do you network with other writers? Attend writing-based Meetups? Check in at workshops? Join Facebook writers' groups?

If you do not, you are missing on potential opportunities. 

First of all, we writers must continuously hone our skills. Failure to keep your tools sharp results in a dull blade. The writers who frequent these events are professionals who love the craft. They will provide you with honest feedback, insight on how to improve, and encouragement to keep on even when things get tough.

Additionally, these types of events create networking opportunities. Recently, I landed a lucrative one-off project that was referred to me by a writer I had met at a Meetup. That writer was booked solid and couldn't accept the job. He graciously shared my business card with that client.

What a windfall that connection turned out to be!

Celebrate National Freelance Writers' Appreciation Week

Beyond using the week as a marketing opportunity, use the week to treat yourself. Take time this week to bask in the limelight of a well-done job.

Please check out some excellent ways to sharpen your writing skills to celebrate the week.

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