How to Maintain Good Balance between Writing & Parenting

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Parenting has a lot to do with the responsibilities of the child but seldom do the parents get time from professional life. Whilst working, it becomes arduous to spare quality time with your little one.

Writing job needs much attention and fresh mind to create perfect content. But, if you’re not getting enough rest at home while running after the child, then how is it possible to focus on the work? Do you suffer from the same issue? By the end of this article, you’d be able to “know” several ways to maintain a good work-life balance as a writing parent.

To maintain the balance between parenting and writing job is bit tricky, but it is not impossible. The quick trick is learning to differentiate both the lives and split them apart. Take a glance into these tips which would help you extensively and get you towards the success.

Set Priorities

Being the parent of young children brings in multiple priorities. So, it is necessary to pick your priorities and set them particularly.

There are chances of having priorities for both work and personal life. Therefore, manage to set them and accordingly continue working.

When you’re at home, child’s responsibility should be the top priority. At that time, don’t take up your writing work. In the same way, when you’re writing, avoid worrying about family’s responsibilities. Contributing sufficient time would play a vital role in balancing your lifestyle.

Schedule = Success

Scheduling each and everything is a key to success. Yes, setting a schedule would be very useful even in parenting.

Find out what are your responsibilities and by which time it should be done. This way, when you define all of them, it would be very easy to prepare a schedule.

If all the work is executed based on the schedules, then you’d clearly identify the flow of your work.

When would you finish up your writing work? When will you reach home? At what time will you cook? When would you spend time with your children? By what time would your child go to bed? Scrutinize all these questions while scheduling and follow it from time to time. Once you’re done with schedules, check out its success within a week.

Find the best Time

In a writing job, it is part and parcel to recognize which is the best time of a day when you are productive and able to write well. Specifically, it would help a freelance writer to do his work.

Whether you’re a morning person, who gets bright and fresh ideas in the beginning of a day or else you like to work in the rest of the day. Determine which is your productive time in order to deliver perfect and a quality piece of writing.

This tactic would greatly help you in segregating both personal and professional life. Additionally, it would also assist you in detecting which time would be spared for your child.

Don’t be Workaholic

During office hours, don’t be too much stressed to complete work. Remember, it is just a work. Decide to complete all the work as per schedule and leave by the time you’re done.

If you’re so much obsessed with work, then how would you focus on your children and family? Think of the same and understand the importance of balancing work life and personal life. Otherwise, you’d end up juggling your life and won’t find it easier to be happy with life.

Teach your Child to live independently

One of the most important things of this matter is to prepare your child for letting you go office. Teach them the importance of your work, so that they can respect it. Apparently, it would also teach your child to live independently.

Be Gentle with your health

Being a writer, you’d have read or written various articles about health, so don’t you think you should take proper care for your health? Parents have a tendency to rush around to make others happy but often do they think of their own health. Especially working moms make efforts to make all the family members happy and rush towards completing office work on time.

Instead, focusing on your health would greatly affect your responsibilities of family and professional work since the writing job demands both physical and mental health.  

Takeaway Message

Parenthood and working cannot be the substitutes for each other. Rather, these two must go hand in hand. You simply need to be happy with yourself and enjoy both the works.

You don’t have an option to escape. So, it would be better, you learn to balance both, writing job and parenthood. 

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