Amazon Description Writing: Crafting Descriptions That Sell

Amazon Description Writing Services

Amazon boasts of an eye-boggling sales of $136 billion in 2016. For reaping the benefits of getting enlisted in Amazon, it is important that your store is visible to the prospects who are willing to buy from the product line offered by you. One of the best ways of doing this is optimizing your content.  It helps in making your product stand out among a clutter of innumerable others.

Amazon description writing is an opportunity that if utilized properly can help in attracting prospects towards your products. It should be realized that description space is not only for listing the features of the product but for selling it.  However, it should not be at the cost of information. Based on the premise of content is king, catalog description should be written in such a way that it involves the right balance between information and conviction and leads to call-to-action.

While writing a product description that is not only good in terms of its feature-listing ability but the one that sells, the following points should be adhered to:

1. Keeping the 5Ws and 1H helps in mind:  A product description should try to include as many answers to these 5Ws and 1H as possible. It helps in making the description complete and attractive.

Who (Target Audience)-  Knowing about your audience helps in thinking from their perspective-what they would like/dislike, what would be their major concerns. It helps in showcasing how the product would serve to be useful for them. Not only this, it helps in shaping the tone in which the description should be written.
What (Features of the product)- The features of your product should form the basis for attracting prospects towards call-to-action. Also, they should include unique features that differentiate your product from those of competitors.
Why (Reason for use)- Why should the prospect buy your product? What purpose/problem does it solve?
Where and When (the situation in which it can be used)- Prospects should be stated a situation in which the product can serve to be useful.  It helps in creating need for your product.
How- Emphasizing on the easy- to- use feature of your product helps in creating enhanced demand for your product.


2.  Research- The descriptions of well- selling products in the specific niche should be examined so as to discover the way in which your product description could be shaped. Also, it helps in catering to industry standards.

3. Keywords Insertion - Embedding keywords strategically helps in improving the internal ranking in Amazon which helps in improving visibility. It also helps in improving the ranking in search engines like Google. Improved ranking helps in driving sales.

4.  Amalgamate Product Benefits with Features- Listing the features of a product is an essential practice. Features should stand out so as to appeal to the rationality of the prospects so that they get inclined towards buying the product. However, stating how each product feature can be beneficial for them helps in establishing that the product would serve value for their money. It serves in multiplying the intent for buying, tremendously.

5. Scannable Description- It is an established fact that prospects do not devote much time in reading the description of the product they are seeing. In fact, in terms of description, sellers have very less time to attract the prospects. Due to this, it should be created in a way that it is scannable.

For facilitating this, the following points should be adhered to:

Catchy sub-headings can serve towards forming an impactful impression about your products.

Prefer using bullet points.
While stating the product features, the hierarchy of importance should be followed.
Focus on information above the “Read More” section as most prospects are likely to scan upto this.

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