8 Important Facts About Type 2 Diabetes

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With all the information about type 2 diabetes floating on the internet, it would be tricky to find the most important information about it. Type 2 diabetes is a disease that affects millions of people worldwide. It is characterized by high blood glucose levels in the body and its inability to use the hormone insulin properly.

There are many internet sources that unfortunately missed the important facts that may help other people make better lifestyle choices and ultimately prevent the onset of this metabolic disorder.


To be informed about the big diabetes lie, here are the top eight important facts that anybody who is facing diabetes can find useful.


Losing Weight Improves Your Chances

According to the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), losing excess body weight will help improve your body's ability in processing insulin and glucose. Studies have found that overweight people who have lost weight were able to prevent or delay the development of type 2 diabetes.


Race Can Dictate Your Risk

It has statistically been stated that American Indians, Alaska Natives, Hispanics, African Americans, and Asians are more likely to develop this disease compared to other races. In fact, it has been known that these races are twice likely to develop type 2 diabetes compared to non-Hispanic whites.


Children Can Get Them Too

5% of Diabetes Cases are Type 1 and The rest Accounts for Type 2 Diabetes. Many people are familiar with type 1 and type 2 diabetes respectively. The latter used to be called "adult-onset diabetes" but this condition is becoming more prevalent among children as well.


It is believed by the scientific community that the upswing in type 2 diabetes among children are caused by the changing society and its relations to poor diet and less exercise.


Amputation Is Possible

One of the well-known complications of diabetes is diabetic neuropathy. This complication is the destruction of nerve fibers in the body that causes numbness, tingling sensations and even paralysis at your lower extremities.


This complication makes your legs and feet are more likely to get wounded because of the lack of sensation. These wounds can get severely infected to the point of amputation is needed.


You Could Go Blind

Another feared complication associated with diabetes is retinopathy characterized by blurry vision and sometimes blindness. This is a complication wherein the blood vessels of the retina burst and leak causing fluid pressure inside the eyes. This can be treated with laser procedures or eye surgery.


People who are 45 Years Old And Above Should Get Tested

According to the American Diabetes Association, people who are 45 years old and above should get tested for type 2 diabetes, and people who are overweight or have had trouble losing weight should also get tested.


The risk factors for type 2 diabetes include having a close relative with diabetes, living a sedentary lifestyle, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, race, has a history of cardiovascular disease and women who have polycystic ovarian syndrome.


The Risk Of Heart Disease Increases When You Are Diabetic

Heart disease is still the leading cause of death and one of the major health concerns in the United States. However, patients with diabetes are at an even greater risk of developing heart-related diseases.


If glucose levels are not maintained, it can eventually damage your blood vessels and the nerves that control the heart. The longer you have diabetes, the higher the chances that you will develop coronary disease.


You are also twice as likely to develop heart problems compared to others who do not have diabetes.


Type 2 Diabetes Diet Is Not Different From The Normal Recommended Diet

Eating a healthy diet plays a major role in managing type 2 diabetes well. Some people find the diet too restrictive while some do not. What is interesting about this is that the diet for type 2 diabetes patients is not very different from the recommended healthy diet.


Diabetics are encouraged to cut back on refined foods, sugars, and bad fat while eating more whole foods. This diet is not completely different at all compared to what an ordinary person without diabetes would consume to stay healthy.


In terms of natural treatment, diabetic patients can improve their health and possibly reverse their condition by eating properly, eating smaller meals and maintaining a healthy weight. Diet still remains as one of the most important components in managing this condition.


If you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, you are not alone in this battle. Millions of Americans have successfully managed their condition and have led vibrant and healthy lives. Make sure to talk to your doctor at every step of the way. Your physician will guide you on your road to a healthier life.

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