7 Steps To Throw The Best Baby Shower Ever


Since baby showers are traditionally meant to be hosted by the closest lady friends or relatives of the mother to be, as a best friend or aunt-to-be, it’s your duty to step up to the challenge! You need to do this without any help from your usual partner-in-crime (since it’s in her honour!), so all the decisions and arrangements, from invitations to games are now your duty. This can get quite daunting. So read on for some tips to help you help you throw a fabulous best baby shower and make her feel as special as she really is in your life.

Save the Date and Send the Invites

Although traditionally a baby shower is held about two months before the baby’s birth, some parents prefer to have it a little sooner or later, depending on the convenience of the mommy to be. It is important that she vets the date as she needs to be physically and mentally comfortable to be at a party (let alone one where she is at centre stage)….it is not easy being pregnant you know! Once the date is decided, send out invitations as soon as possible so that people keep their calendar free and it also gives them time to plan and buy their gifts. Plan the guest list with your best friend keeping in mind those that are closest to her. Although phone calls and e-invites are the quickest and the most convenient way to go, personalised hand invites are always remembered, if one has the time.

Pick a Theme

A theme is essential in bringing together all the elements of the baby shower. It should be fun and quirky but at the same time it should also be convenient for others.  It could be something as simple as “Childhood Revisited” where you make everyone wear a kids costume. With a baby on the way, everyone is bound to reminisce, and what’s better than having everyone dress up, revisit and re-live the best years of their lives, momentarily?! Other popular themes are ‘Read to pop’, ‘Mommy to BEE’, ‘Pink or Blue?’ etc


Baby shower decoration should centre on the theme, and your best friend’s likes and dislikes. Try and incorporate a mix of her favourite colours. Keep it bright. Balloons, banners, party hats, and the classics like Little Boy/Little Girl or Little Prince/Little Princess, make the place look fun and cheerful. Flowers are a must for a celebration of birth. Ensure that the decor child friendly if kids are going to be attending the shower. Don’t forget to get “mommy to be” a cute sash, after all, she’s carried the little one for nine whole months!!


Keep the food in line with the theme for the shower. The menu will also differ depending on whether the shower is a tea-party, lunch, or dinner. Healthy finger food which is easy to prepare and eat (tarts, sandwiches, salads, etc.) works best since it allows guests to move around and is especially convenient while playing games. Healthy food can set the tone right for the start of a new, rich and healthy life. Even if there are no kids at the shower, avoid alcohol as a symbol of solidarity since “mommy to be” still can’t indulge!


Traditional baby shower games like “Baby Shower Bingo”, “Dirty Diaper”, “Diaper Derby”, and so on are a must. They work as perfect ice breakers and also suit the occasion.


The easiest is to have your best friend register for things she needs at one or multiple stores. This way it’s easier for people to decide what to buy and she receives gifts that are useful to her. If that isn’t possible, then while buying a gift think of the things that she will most need in her first few months. From cribs to clothes, toys and more, the list is endless.

Baby shower favours

These are important as they allow people to have a keepsake from an event that is so special. Favours can range from pictures to little personalised baskets of chocolates.

So hurry up and get planning, there’s a baby on the way!!

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