7 Steps for Obtaining Successful QA Tests

7 Steps for Obtaining Successful QA Tests

Today’s enterprises are more focussed on faster releases and faster developments but with less focus on the Quality Assurance (QA) part of the SDLC. But, this hard-hitting as when the defects are more, the final software is affected and does not enjoy customer preference. Quality Assurance (QA) is an important factor to validate application performance and QA teams have to follow certain guidelines for receiving quality results.

Quality Tests, which are performed by Quality Assurance (QA) Testers are very important in developing and releasing an application. QA testers help in triggering out the bugs and increase the application performance. Before the introduction of the Shift-Left approach, the role of QA testers was at the final stage. The defects were identified at the end, and the time required to solve the issues was more and even affected the enterprise's bottom line. Evidently, this way of finding defects at the end of the SDLC was affecting application development. And, in order to uphold this scenario, there was a need for new testing practice.

The Shift-Left approach enabled the role of testing and QA teams to be continuous at every stage and thus, identifying and resolving the defects became faster. Testing is an important requirement to eradicate the huge delays and to maintain the quality of the development. Every QA tester has to follow certain steps in order to reduce unnecessary expenditures and maintain the quality of software development. Below mentioned are the 7 steps, which a QA tester needs to follow for obtaining successful results in the process of application testing.

Regulate Tests and Choose Test Automation: Maintain a proper automated test environment on the application’s functionality, security, data, and other features. This will help in reducing the delays which occur due to defects and unexpected time lapses.

Adding Codes and Testing Test Scripts: The most common failure in a software application is due to insufficient test practices on test scripts. Neglecting or performing insufficient quality tests will ultimately affect the application. To avoid such drawbacks, code has to be written in scripts. This practice will help in eliminating the errors which may raise during automation testing.

Use Appropriate Testing Tools: As the importance of automation testing is rapidly increasing, a number of testing tools are available QA teams should be wise in selecting the automation testing tool based on the budget, its supporting technologies, reporting mechanism, etc.

Creation of test automation framework: It is crucial for building a proper automation testing framework with a set of rules and plans while writing scripts There may be a need for slight change, but that will not be affecting the application.

Perform mobile Compatibility Test:  Check whether your application is compatible with various mobile devices and browsers. Users can reach your application through various browsers, operating systems, and devices. Hence, make sure your application has qualified browser compatibility, operating system compatibility, and mobile compatibility.

Always be alert for fixing bugs: Make sure to get the bugs already identified to be fixed on a priority. If the bugs are obtained at an area where the user’s interaction is less in the application, then put them into your second phase. Always prioritize to fix the bugs based on users' engagement. 

Search for the Best Automation Expert: Search for a popular next-gen specialists QA who are knowledgeable in providing both manual and automation testing. The efficient QA testing services have to increase the scope of quality testing, maintain consistency, and increase the test coverage at a good speed. Also, they should be the ones providing the benefit of a high return on investment.


QA testers have a significant role to play the development of a software application. They develop test cases and prioritize testing. Whenever changes are made to the code, QA testers take the responsibility to execute all the cases in order to fix the defects. In software development, testing is an important requirement. In order to stabilize the quality of the application from the initial stage, there is a need for moving the development and testing of the application in parallel.

QA testers have to implement simple step-by-step strategies so that it helps in their application testing. The above-mentioned are a few tips that help a QA tester in obtaining quality results for an application. Leveraging to a QA tester is an add-on benefit, as they help in providing overall test coverage with effective QA services.

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